thursdaybook - a quiet moment

For today I am:

Seeing... The pale, blue and silver light of a misty winter day... candles flickering... a fire in the hearth.... steam rising from freshly poured coffee and ginger banana bread just pulled from the oven, a pat of butter sliding across a slice...

Hearing... The crackle of the hearth fire... Classical music. Winter and spring make me want to listen to lots of classical music.

Tasting... The ginger banana bread turned out much more gingery this time. Yum! And I get a free pass on weekday coffee when I have it with a friend. hee hee. Double yum.

Working... Lots of hospitality this week - friends for coffee, friends for breakfast, friends for dinner, friends for drinks and conversation after dinner, a family birthday dessert buffet tomorrow night - so I'm cleaning and prepping for all that.

(PS - I did manage to clear out the boxes from the guest room, so we've been using it to do our stretches and exercises in the morning. Booyah!)

Reading... Re-started Non-fiction: Salt (My brain just couldn't handle new information last year. This year, I'm hopeful). Continuing Non-fiction: On Writing (My bathroom book these days. Somehow, I think Stephen King would get a kick out of this.) Read-aloud with MM: The Eagle Has Landed (We took a long break over Christmas and have gotten back into it, lately. Getting to the exciting part!) New-to-me Fiction: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Yeah, so I never read this. And it seemed a good follow up to a Jasper Fforde.) Continuing with MM: Changes that Heal and Hearing God (Lots of good conversation from these.) Morning "quiet time" books: The Divine Hours (ahhh, yes), A Diary of Private Prayer.

Learning... My brain power seems to be going to researching things these days... Meh.

Creating... Valentines. :) I like to make Valentines. Especial for the single gals I know. I received a lot of thoughtful Valentines during the years I didn't have a special someone. Reminded me that I was loved and lovable on a "holiday" that could have felt pretty bleak.

Oh, and for tomorrow, I'm making Rice Krispie treats. I don't know why I'm so tickled by this, but for some reason I'm just really looking forward to making these. :) They are sort of in the same realm as snickerdoodles for me. A simple childhood treat.

Dreaming... MM and I have been spending this week looking into this year and thinking about how we can be intentional in certain areas, money, career, relationships, pursuits, etc. So fun and energizing to do that kind of dreaming with him.

Pondering... Some of my dear ones are suffering right now. I'm deep in thought and prayer about the darkness and pain of this world and how some are able to find light and life in the midst of soul-crushing devastation (cancer, betrayal, abuse, rejection) and others are broken. Flat out broken. And how helpless any of us are, really, in the face of most things. Can I cure my friend's cancer? Heal another's broken heart? Renew another's mind, replacing destructive thought patterns with life-giving ones? Bring the dead back to life?

No. I have no answers. No magic formulas. Sometimes it all just sucks or falls apart, and there's nothing we can do.

The best I can do is sit nearby and try to listen more than I speak. Light a fire. Brew some coffee. Pour a glass of wine. Create a quiet moment. Offer some pampering, an afternoon of play, a meal, a good story, some beauty... And hopefully, in all that, communicate, "I see you. You are not alone."

Thankful for... A fire during the day... banana bread and coffee... soft, cozy sweats... jojoba oil... the Internet... public radio... The hambone left over from Boxing Day that will go into a big pot of beans this week... My marriage... My amazing (and dead sexy!) MM... Our growing game collection (got Uno, Phase 10, and a card-based version of Clue last weekend)... leftover Advent candles that make our bedroom smell like Christmas... my new shoes... The Original Star Trek.


  1. Your collection games remind me when we were first married and bought games. Many years later I learned I love games more than he does. His favorites are Yahtzee and dominos. He will indulge me every so or often in scrabble. My son prefers card games. Speaking of card games, be sure to buy Pit and Rook. Pit is great with a crowd of folks. Both are fun and old games. I have the card game verison of Monopoly, you can have it you want. No one here can figure it out or really likes monoply except me.

  2. Your words:
    Sometimes it all just sucks or falls apart, and there's nothing we can do. The best I can do is sit nearby and try to listen more than I speak...communicate, "I see you. You are not alone."
    This is the best you can do for people. It's so powerful, and so wonderful to just be with someone who has no agenda but to care. This, I think, was what made Jesus so cool - he understood our suffering and the power of love.

  3. Lynette - I'll check out Pit. We're looking for fun group games. I saw another one the other day that sounds fun too: Dutch Blitz.

    Jennifer - I think you're right. There is something powerful about God WITH us. In the pain. In the mess. He doesn't Instafix everything, but he grieves and comforts and comes alongside. Powerful love, that.


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