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I'll get back to the "what we did for" series soon, but its the beginning of the year, and my mind is full of thoughts and plans and observations, so today seems like a good day to just throw up some random.

So. We used part of MM's Christmas Bonus (which always makes me think of Chevy Chase) to get a portable dishwasher. Cue angel chorus. Holy mackeral, does that make a huge difference in our lives! Not waking up to dishes (clean and dirty) piled up on our teeny, tiny counters makes us feel lighter and inspires more productivity. We had friends over on Friday, and had all the dishes done the next morning. Normally after a party, we spend 3 days catching up. Yahooo!

Also. The dishwasher was such a good deal, that we were able to use the rest of that portion of money to get a bunch of odds and ends for the house: clothes hampers, storage bins, various hooks, hangers, and racks. We hung curtains, tightened all the screws in our bed, finally put the riser on the Desk of Awesome, hung a hook in the closet for my bathrobe... After this surge of nesting, we both feel so much better about our house. All those little annoyances grate on my nerves, small irritations that add up to... what? ennui? blerg? Something. Anyway. It feels good have a place to put a dirty dish or hang a towel or a broom or a bathrobe. It makes our whole house feel more restful.

And. Resting is the name of the game, this month, I think. You'd think we'd gotten enough of that over the holidays with Boxing Day's Couch Potato-a-thon, followed by January 2nd's, "Pretend Boxing Day 2, The Return of the Couch Potato". But, no. And, that felt like a different kind of rest. Vacation rest. Lounge like it's your job, rest. January rest feels more like stillness and quiet and thinking long, deep thoughts, kind of rest. Hibernation. I long for big, fat books. Perhaps with footnotes. And words I don't know, so I have to look them up. And yarn. I crochet (kind of) and knit (kind of) when I watch movies (sometimes), but I think I want to do those things just to do them. Or when I sit chatting with someone. Books and yarn.

Oh! And adventures! MM is a passionate, spontaneous artist, and will occasionally, on a random Tuesday, bust out with, "We should..." Sometimes we can't go on these wild tears. But sometimes we can! Last night, after work, we filled thermoses with tea, our pockets with dollar bills, and headed to the ocean. The plan was to get there without taking the two major highways that run through our town. We twisted our way past rivers and lakes and small towns and hills (mountains?) and farms and vineyards and orchards... And groves of spooky oak trees, dripping moss over the country roads. Lit from underneath, they glowed greenish-grey against a black sky sprinkled with stars. When the full moon rose behind them, woooo-ooooo. Creepy. And awesome.

The night was perfect. Perfect. No fog. No clouds. Just warm ocean air, which felt delicious after the cold valley, and that glorious moon over the bay. The water was just rumpled enough to look like fabric below, and the city lights shimmered. Breathtaking. Romantic. A great adventure.

We did not have enough dollars in our pockets to drive into the shimmering city for a glass of wine. So, we ate our traditional road-trip snack (orange hostess cupcakes) in a Safeway parking lot instead. Still, romantic.

We paid for it of course, by being home late, to bed late, up late, and out the door late this morning. But that exact moon will never rise again, so I'm glad we went to see it. And I'm thankful for a husband who, occasionally looks at me with the twinkle of adventure in his eyes and says, "Hey, we should..."

Well. I should go. That dishwasher won't load itself. Happy Wednesday, folks.


  1. Hi-you've gone blue on your blog...just like the sky outside. What an awesome, spontatous adventure you guys had...a drive, the moon, hostess cupcakes. The moon was incredible the other night. I was driving dh home and another guy, when I detoured only slighty to see the orange ball in the sky. Our friend in the back sit was laughing (I'm sure he thought I was a nut), anyway dh wasn't laughing. Oh well...J also rode down the street on his new skateboard looking for the moon. good times.!

  2. Wow. Such beautiful imagery. Thanks for sharing. I feel like I got a taste of your gorgeous night-time adventure to the ocean.

    BTW - I have never tasted an orange Hostess cupcake. It seemed a fitting food for this adventure, though (the colour and shape).

  3. You and DH seem to be kindred spirits enough that he would understand your need to look at a good moon. This has been a winter of beautiful moons, hasn't it! Even in the daytime. :)

  4. Susan - I hadn't ever tasted one either, but they are one of MM's go-to road trip snacks.


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