What was going to be a quiet afternoon after attending my father-in-law's concert turned into "lets have folks come back to our place for a couple appetizers" turned into a houseful of loved ones nibbling, sipping, chatting, laughing, and connecting. The last of our guests took their weary selves home at 11 pm or so, and MM and I smiled our way to sleep. The week of Peace turned into the week of Joy, and who am I to argue.

But, as often is the case for me, my head and heart are filled to bursting. I need time to think and pray and write, figure out what I feel about it all. A week of absorbing, absorbing, absorbing without taking the time to process.

Now that the candles have caught up with us, I am hoping for an afternoon of sitting on the couch staring at the Christmas tree and doing the work of sorting myself out. But first there are dishes to wash, a salad to make, and friends to welcome for the eating of pizza, the sharing of stories, and the lighting of those lovely candles. (Its the weird one today!)

Hope, Peace, and Joy to you, Friends.

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  1. Anonymous9:14 PM

    We had a really wonderful time. Thank you so much for letting us all come. We were sorry to leave earlier than we would have liked for the Welch's concert.


    Dad and Mom


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