This Christmas... I don't even have words. Well, I do. They're just tangled up in my heart at the moment. And we're still Christmasing! We're partying for all 12 days, finishing with an Epiphany party with our church on the 6th. (French toast and peach bellinis and a last hoorah.)

And its a new year. A new beginning. Yes. Words swirl. They'll land soon. This time of year sends me burrowing into my journal to scribble it all out.

In the meantime:

I'm heating spiced cider on the stove, and eating leftover ham and scalloped potatoes for lunch. (We had the best Boxing Day dinner!)

I'm rearranging the Christmas decorations so that our poor, droopy, dead Christmas tree can head to the curb.We'll take the rest of it down on the 5th or 6th, but that tree has to go now. Yowza! I think now may be the time to haul out our old tiny tree for the rest of the season. (Yay!)

I'm lighting candles from our advent wreath and enjoying my gifts from MM during my breaks from work and the regular routine.Classical music and candles are a soothing counterpart to all the cleaning and organizing for this time of year. And Santa left coloring books in my stocking. :D

I'm gathering with girlfriends this week for tea and lunch and ice skating and theater... I'm buying a few more gifts to buy for the final Christmas celebration on New Year's Day...I'm prepping for our Twelfth Night celebration...



  1. What are you seeing this weekend? Movies or a onstage production? We are going to see Rain on Saturday.

  2. Rain on Thursday. Cheap seats! :) Fun!


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