Something's different in the light today. Its amber and gold and slanting "just so". The kind of light I usually gush about in October. My gift today is how the light bathes the giant pile of leaves in front of my house. I wanted to dive in and swim in that caramel and honey beauty. MM and I both noticed it when I walked him to the door. "Wow. It's beautiful today. You should take a picture of this."

I've opened all the blinds and examined it from every room. Nothing else has changed. The sky is still pale winter blue. Bare branches still make winter lace against it. But man, that light is fantastic. Rich, warm, gooey light that does not match the frosty air at all.

If I had a camera with lenses and slrs and whatever else, I would charge around taking shots of this. But I don't, so instead I will look around and hope that I have eyes to see.

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Participating in today's "Tuesdays Unwrapped" at Chatting at the Sky.

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  1. Sometimes taking a picture with the eyes/memory is the best way to "photograph" beauty.

    Love your description of the caramel light. I felt like I was seeing what you were seeing. Thanks for that gift.


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