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For today I am

Seeing... Bright leaves spiral, swirl, and swoop past my writing window. Fluffs of cloud drift low through sky so blue it hurts. Bushes bob and bend and dip in the wind... Mason jars filled with colored pens and rows of crayons, a sprig of dried lavender, pretty papers and a pile of pictures for my inspiration wall... I made a start on the office this week, and my desk is ready for working, creating, and dreaming.

Hearing... The whoosh of wind through branches... The click and hiss of the wall heater... The constant wizz of the nearby freeway...

Tasting... French press coffee. I know, I know - I am totally cheating, but oh, it tastes so good to be bad. I feel like singing Barbara Mandrell, "If lovin' you is wrong, I don't wanna be right" to my coffee mug this morning.

Working... Today I am a writer. I've promised myself that I'll work on blog posts, my Nanowrimo project, and make a stab at a couple other works that I keep putting off. I'm going to write in the morning and clean in the afternoon. This will please my man who gets frustrated at me for doing housework all day and not leaving myself time to create or rest or daydream, which is really the point of this sabbatical from the 9-5.

On applications for things for "Occupation" I put down "Writer, Self-employed." Which is true, but feels fake right now, cuz I've not written much for a year, but I'm getting there. My soul is recovering. Slowly.

I am also going to file paperwork and update our budget spreadsheets. Woo. And clean the bathroom. Double woo.

Reading... Oh, let's see. Lots of the same things: Salt, On Writing, The Big Over Easy, Practicing the Way of Jesus... MM and I are still enjoying The Eagle Has Landed, Anne of Avonlea, Changes that Heal, and Hearing God. We are simply, "book drunkards" as Lucy Maud Montgomery would say.

Learning... I learned about the O Antiphons this week in my gathering of Advent resources. I read a bit about them last year, but didn't have time to really investigate further. I've always loved "O come, O come, Emanuel" which is based on them. Here are some of the articles I read:

O Antiphons

O Antiphons to sing

To sing with several versions

Another version

Creating... A home. Little by little we're settling in to The Pink House. I try to tackle one project a day to bring a little more order and peace to this space. I have a long list of things we need, but while I wait for money or time I do what I can with what I have...

Soup. Its a good day for something hot and simmery, paired with grilled cheese sandwhiches. My favorite soups have no recipe. I just throw a bunch of things into a pot and see what happens. Veggie alchemy. Today feels like that sort of day.

Dreaming... Lots of stuff. Advent and Christmas are coming, so we're thinking through those things. (We're to have our first proper Christmas tree! And we want to find a creche that is ours together. And which events will we attend. And our budget and gift ideas and how to celebrate Advent with a three-year-old... ) We're looking forward to hosting people in our home this coming year, so we're thinking about chairs and seating and how to make food with no counter space. We're also dreaming about church and what that will look like this year. New things are coming!

Pondering... Attended a lecture by N.T. Wright last night. Fantastic. Rich and deep and yet approachable for non-theologians. He gave a picture of what it means to read the gospels "in surround sound." To read them in such a way as to be sustained by them as we live in this world as "the merciful, the peacemakers, the ones whose passion for justice that will not be slaked like thirst." As we confront the oppressive kingdoms of this world with a new way to "do power" - with "suffering love." Very cool.

Thankful for... So much! My home. My warm bathrobe. My husband's encouraging, supportive love. My coffee this morning. My Writer's Window. The fall leaves - this week's been glorious! Quinoa on sale. The upcoming holidays...


  1. Love the creches at Zanzibar, http://www.zanzibartrading.com/
    which supports free trade and global artisans. Great store - worth a visit!

  2. Great idea! We'll check it out. :)


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