ffff - its been awhile

It's been a while since I've done a fake friday fave five, so here goes:

1 I cleaned our old house this week. Several 8 hour days. My dishpan hands and sore shoulder and tired self are all happy at the result: a cleaner-than-when-we-moved-in house when MM handed in the keys yesterday. I don't know why, but I just feel good about that. I think some of it is that with all the transitions this year, I went from being a career woman to being a housewife -- in a old, moldy, falling-apart house that I could never get really clean. It was like I got a new job, and was constantly failing at it. It felt good to dig in deep and scrub and scour and steam the place within an inch of its existence. Ha ha! I am victorious! You, Old Moldy House, have not defeated me! Suck it, Loser!

2 My sweet MM, who is unable to do a lot of physical work right now because of a back injury, took good care of me this week. He kept me fed and watered and got me to bed early and took on the nightly tasks all by himself, so I could come home and crash. It felt good to be taken care of by my man. And he insisted that I take yesterday off and rest, and thanked me profusely when I did.

3 Dinners. Working physically all day makes me hungry! I just recall being particularly thankful for my dinners this week. Burgers and a good porter, chinese food from our favorite Fake New York restaurant, pork chops and mac and cheese... In this month of thankfulness, I am deeply grateful for a full tummy at the end of a hard day. So many work so hard and have very little to come home to. They are hungry all the time. (This week, I am reading the posts of the Compassion Bloggers trip to Ecuador. Pictures and stories of the hungry ones...)

At church right now, we are praying this for Thanksgiving:

Creator God, for daily bread
and all who work
to bring your harvest home
we bring our thanks today.
Forgive our ingratitude
we who have so much
yet waste what you have given.

For those whose harvest is poor,
whose crops have withered,
water tainted, children starve,
help those who bring relief
and bestow on us
an unaccustomed generosity,
that all might share from your garden
and all might sing your praise.

Creator God, provider of all
we bring our thanks today.

I thought of that prayer as I sat my weary body down to eat each evening, or crawled under my comforter at night. Thank you for all this abundance.

4 Fall Leaves. Finally! The color show has just begun its haphazard opening act. Some trees already suck the breath out of me with their vibrancy. Others are as green as ever. Weird. But over the next few weeks I expect the blast of yellow, orange, and red that thrills me this time of year.

5 Watching the Lord of the Rings. For so many years, the films came out in November, so that now it just feels like part of the autumn/holiday season for me. The other day, we lit a fire, sipped some wine, and watched the little hobbits head out from the Shire. Felt like Christmas.


  1. Hello, my good friend! I'm going to be in Sacramento for Thanksgiving and a couple weeks after Christmas -- would you like to have a BOYC? I'd love to see your new neighborhood for myself.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. As much as it was comical, I sub one day and quit. Not the right job for me. Don't know wheter to laugh or cry. Think I will just live and laugh it off.
    Love reading about your pink house. We have pink living room walls that would match your house. I looking to get rid of them,....you want them;)? There going for free.


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