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Well, it certainly IS a quiet neighborhood. The folks from the property management company and the few neighbors we've met all say, "Its a really quiet neighborhood." We thought maybe it was a commentary on MM's tattoo and earring and me and my gangsta vibe, but no, it really is just a quiet neighborhood. Other than the occasional rumble when our neighbor and his buddies tinker with their motorcycles, or the lonely barks of Charlie the black lab puppy when his owner leaves him home alone, the neighborhood is silent.

This is true 40's/50's suburbia: big yards, houses set back from the side walk and far apart, a few attached garages, not many porches. Hardly ever see anyone, though this could also be due to the recent cold snap.

I DID catch sight of my elderly Asian neighbor collecting the newspaper a couple mornings ago. He picked it up, checked to see that no one was looking, and started tossing the paper high into the air and catching it. Every two or three throws he'd look around again, making sure he was alone. Part of me wants to draw a comic rendition of his newspaper shenanigans and tape it to his door, "I know what you did yesterday morning." But I suppose that's not too neighborly of me.

~ ~ ~

After a month of packing, moving, cleaning, and setting up, I am taking a day off to rest. I pulled a few long days at the old house cleaning carpets and whatnot, so we could turn in the keys today. Whoopee! Goodbye Old Moldy House! Jovie encouraged me to give myself some kind of reward for several 7+ hour days in a row of cleaning, so I'm giving myself a day of movies and crafts - although I'm interpreting "crafts" loosely. (I HAVE to do laundry today, or we will run out of underwear.)

I'll keep things light with RomComs and silly stuff. No deep thoughts or drama today. Today is a day for sipping tea and cheering on my girlfriends Kathleen Kelly, Lucy Elenor Monowitz, and Sally Albright.

Better get to it. Have a good one.

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  1. Have always suspected your alter-ego is a gangsta..haha. Kudos to you for giving yourself the day off. I'm doing the same today, day off that is (except for the laundry interrupting my "sit in my chair and stare at fake fire" time)Big Kids Club at CNC (where I've beenworking the past few months) closed it's doors yesterday (Thursday). Sad sad day...Enjoy your couple days off.


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