thursdaybook - (or not)

For today I am:

Seeing... Cloudy skies through window condensation, candlelight gleaming through red votive holders, a white pitcher filled with sunflowers, a mason jar filled with eucalyptus branches...

Hearing... Classical music, the gurgling of the coffee pot, and the pitter patter of raindrops on the house...

Tasting... Hot spiced pear cider from Trader Joes

Working... Housework: dust, vacuum, water plants, laundry, dishes (always dishes), etc. etc. etc. Finances: moving money, paying bills, updating The Budget Spreadsheet. House-hunting. Scheduling. Correspondence.

Reading... The Circle of Seasons - Meeting God in the Church Year (Ireton, IVP), and Living the Christian Year - Time to Inhabit the Story of God (Gross, IVP). Our house church is preparing to kind of go through the traditional church calender together this year. I've been doing parts of the church calender for years (Advent, then Lent, then extended Christmas and Epiphany). But this year, the whole lot of us are going to try and do something for all the seasons. To prepare we're reading these books, checking out other resources, and talking about how a bunch of non-liturgical kids can work all this into our lives. Looking forward to the project.

Learning... About mold abatement. Sigh. Yeah. It's that exciting.

Creating... My energy levels are kinda low for creating these days. I may have shot my wod with this ( kind of lame) blog post. But I may color or knit while I watch a show later.

Dreaming... Thinking about the holiday season, and how we'll go about it. This is tricky, because there are two scenarios to plan for. One for if we move, and the other for if we stay here. We couldn't move this summer because of all we had going on, and we really only have a two week window before we launch into the busy holiday season. I'm feeling a bit on hold in the waiting.

So, I'm thinking up ways to schedule events, decorate (or not), host people (or not), AND take care of my (still fragile and tired) soul in the midst of packing-cleaning-moving-settling-in (or not) and getting ready for the holidays.

This is my favorite time of year, and I'm determined to retain a few of the elements that nourish my heart in the midst of the chaos.

Pondering... Still working on Release/Receive. So much to think/feel my way through on this.

Thankful for... MM and I have had a few significant conversations lately that have spoken to places of deep hurt in me. So thankful for those conversations, and for a husband who longs for my wholeness and well-being. Thankful that this healing process is happening, and that I can see results. Finally! w00t!

~ ~ ~

As per usual. HT to thesimplewoman


  1. Happy for you and the healing that is taking place in your heart. Happy Autumn to you!

  2. Thanks, Lynette! You too!


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