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For today I am

Seeing... The completely empty counter in the sink room for the first time in a month. Hallelujah. In fact, I'm drinking my celebratory coffee from a paper cup and getting dinner at IKEA just to keep things pristine for a few more hours.

Hearing... My awesome Donna Summer Pandora station. Disco is fabulous cleaning music.

Tasting... Pete's Major Dickason's Decaf. Mmmmm

Working... Cleaning, ironing, planning for our move...

Reading... Re-reading the sections on Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany from the books I mentioned last time. MM and I have some ideas on how we want to observe the seasons.

Learning... I think my brain's too full for learning today...

Creating... Packing labels for the move. I like to label all the boxes and furniture, so that the movers can take everything right to the room. So much faster to unpack and set up, if we do that. On Saturday we are going to the new house to measure and put painters tape on the major furniture locations. That way the movers can take the heavy stuff right where it goes. These are pros, but I still hate to see people straining under a sleeper sofa for longer than they need to.

Dreaming... House. House. House! I'm excited to set up our next little love nest, just in time for the holidays. We will finally have a chimney by which to hang the stockings with care! :)

Pondering... How old patterns can be unmade and new paths of the mind and heart and life can grow.

Thankful for... Our new house and the means to move there.

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