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So. We moved. We now live in The Pink House. (Seriously, its Pepto Bismol pink.) Just a bit of cleaning to do, and a few pieces of furniture to buy, and we'll be all settled in. I worked like mad to get the kitchen and living room set up, so at least one corner of our house would feel like home. I shelved the books, set out the plants, found a stack of coasters, and swapped my couch's summer whites for her winter dress of cherry red corduroy. The kitchen is tiny, but warm and cozy, and with a little creative storage should work just fine for us.

Its an old house and has its quirks (only one three-pronged outlet per room, and always on the wrong wall, of course) but this house just seems to fit us better. A guest room for visitors, a bathroom one can access from the hallway, a patio and yard for parties, a driveway for guests to park, and if things get to tight in the house, we have a huge garage to serve as another gathering space on rainy days. I think we will be happy here.


As I clean the empty rooms at the old house, I get nostalgic, remembering the first times we walked through the house, dreaming of our new life together that was just about to start. I remember walking through the empty rooms, alternately praying blessings and making out. (Awesome tradition, by the way.) I remember long hours spent chopping vegetables or reading to each other or talking over third and fourth cups of coffee at the kitchen table. All the cups of tea, cold beers, glasses of wine, and mugs of coffee we drank on the front porch enjoying the seasons of sky and air and the maple tree in the front yard. Rainy days spent snuggled up in bed...

We only spent a little over a year there, but oceans of change have happened in my soul during that time. Whole mountain ranges have been threshed into chaff. Deserts crossed. Dark nights endured. Laughter. Tears. LOTS of kisses... So much life, and all kinds of firsts.

It may not have been a great house - mold, dry rot, termites, dust, windows that don't open, weird storage, an annoying bathroom, and never the right plug on the right wall... - but it was a good first home.


And here we are in our second house together. It feels like a little newlywed cottage, which works, because we still feel like newlyweds. I'm looking forward to a fresh start, just in time for the holidays.

Speaking of which - tonight is Halloween, and we haven't any candy in the house. Gotta run.

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