hello, October

Well. The wedding was gorgeous! Bride sparkling in the candlelight. Groom beaming joy at her beauty. Everyone moved by music and words and the fruition of a fairytale love story. Cake and champagne and lots of laughter.

And my own Prince Charming looked soooooo gooooood in his suit. We don't often get to dress up together, so it was a treat to be fancy with him.

~ ~ ~

October! Alternating moody grey skies and golden sunshine. Air that's just turned crisp and cool. Love it! My house smells of eucalyptus, chrysanthemums, candle wax and delicious food. Last night we made a peach and pear crisp* for date night. Man, oh man! Seriously roll-your-eyes-and-groan good, people. Perfect for fall.

And now I'm primed for rosemary chicken, butternut squash soup, pumpkin bread, meatloaf and mashed potatos...

*My crisp toppings never really get crisp, so MM calls it a "mush" instead of a crisp. Whatever.

~ ~ ~

Date Night this week was mostly reading together. After the chaos of wedding stuff we needed a night in. So, yummy dinner and books. As part of our "Cultural Exchange" we've been sharing books with each other out loud. I'm still working my way through the Anne of Green Gables series. (Which has been a blast with MM. He laughs and hollers and provides commentary. Yesterday, after several Gilbert-less chapters, as soon as I said "Gilbert..." MM burst out, "FINALLY!" I love that he's not just humoring me, but is really engaging with the stories. )

Meanwhile, MM introduced me to Neal Stephenson via Snow Crash. (Which I enjoyed a lot. A million story threads and such a creative way to combine history, technology, religion, etc. in this cyber punk world. My only real criticism is that I didn't feel much emotion for the two main characters. I got more invested in a couple side characters. Still, all-in-all, a great introduction to this genre for me.) Now he's reading me Jack Higgins', The Eagle Has Landed. Spies in tweed!

~ ~ ~

The next big project is to move. The Little House in Fake New Jersey is sweet and cute, but has a lot of mold that we can't get rid of. I don't want us to go through another moldy winter. So, its time to find new digs. Here's hoping we can make it all happen before the rains really begin.

And I am feeling a bit displaced right at the point in the year when I really snuggle in to "home" and "traditions" and such. The holidays are here, but I can't plan the annual trip to the apple orchards or pumpkin carving party, because I don't know what weekend we may be moving. I feel on hold.

~ ~ ~

So, there you go. That's the latest. I'm off to sip a cup of brown joy. Have a good week, friends.


  1. The wedding was gorgeous. I wish I could have stayed later, but we found out Thursday that my brother was getting married that same day.

    The cup of brown joy youtube made me laugh.

    Praying that you find a new home soon!

  2. Susan - WOW! Congratulations to your brother. Glad you got to be a part of his celebration too.

    Glad you liked the video. :) And THANKS for the prayer!


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