once upon a time...

Two dear friends both got engaged right around the same time, but we had to wait awhile before hosting the second celebration. Friday night MM and I got to celebrate the betrothal of Princess Faborina and her Very Own Prince. We feasted on homemade Chinese food, jasmine tea, and fortune cookies under the twinkle-lights, and talked of how love changes and heals us.

"I'm supposed to meet you!" exclaimed a cheerful voice behind me in the registration line. I turned to see a pretty, smiling face and met a gal who would become one of my dearest friends, a sister from another mister. (Lame, but it rhymes.) We were at a Youth Specialties conference. She worked in the Junior High group, and I worked with high schoolers, and though it was a small church, we'd somehow managed to work there for months without ever meeting each other.

We hung out all day at the conference, and thus began an epic friendship. Faborina has enriched my life with her creativity, intelligence, depth, passion, and joie de vivre for almost 20 years.

She brings Adventure! So many amazing travel memories from the past two decades... the Lincoln memorial, a Las Vegas piano bar, a downpour in a poverty-stricken village in Mexico, a starlit night at the Grand Canyon, the glorious crash of the Pacific Ocean... are because of her.

She brings Music! We've attended concerts and festivals and Broadway shows. We've sung together on worship team, in talent shows, in Christmas productions, at memorial services, weddings, and once to celebrate a friend's hysterectomy (Uterous-free Day!). And we've sung in the car or around the house.

She brings Fun! Faborina invented Bonk-Bonk Ball, and Miller Family Fun Day. And she taught us to shoot pool, throw darts, and play poker for Boys Night Out. She's hosted parties for Pancake Day and Elephant Appreciation Day and the World Premiere of High School Musical 2.

And with all the fun and delight, she brings a faithfulness and depth to her friendships that have blessed me again and again over the years. She's loaned me power tools. She's et me move in with her three times when I had no where else to go. She's rescued me countless times when my car has died - usually in the middle of the night, somewhere in the boonies. She's pursued connection with me, even when I've lived in other towns, and she's been brave to share her authentic self with me, which inspires me to do the same.

She is a good friend. She has a good heart.

And I am so happy to see her beautiful heart be truly cherished by a good, kind, tender man. On Friday, in telling a story, the Prince affirmed that after months of feeling displaced by remodeling/packing chaos, Faborina now has a home. And while he was talking about his house that she will move into after the wedding, it is so much more than that. He is her home. His steady love gives her a soft place to fall and comfort and rest.

Can't wait to celebrate these two join their hearts as a family!


  1. Loved reading about your friendship with Faborina. What a gift for her to be able to read this and know your depth of affection and respect before her funeral.

  2. That's true. Too often we save all the nice words for eulogies, instead of saying something now. I'm trying to get better about that. We all need encouragement now, and to know that we matter.


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