tuesdaybook: sun-baked pine needles

For today I am

Seeing... The change in the light (Autumn's coming!) as it filters through leaves onto the grass I'm always forgetting to water and the folding chair ruins of a lovely Friday evening with loved ones. The Giant Blue Tarp, two table cloths, and a raft in desperate need of rinsing off sit in the fading light of summer.

Wearing... Linen-like cargo pants, a pink, ribbed tank top, brown Old Navy flip flops from two summers ago, summer bracelet MM got me on our anniversary trip, and my Boyfriend Bracelet. (A simple bracelet with letter beads with MM's name. Made several for different friends and family, and my sister in law calls hers her "boyfriend bracelet." Cute. I like it.)

Tasting... Cold coffee. I've been without coffee in this house for too long. On Sunday, before MM went off to class, I zipped to the store and returned with some Major Dickenson's. The last few mornings, I've interspersed bites of oatmeal (homemade with coconut oil, vanilla, cinnamon, and dried cranberries) with swallows of dark, fabulous coffee. Amen and amen.

Planning... No plans these days. Just letting life unfold.

Working... Lots of house work and projects. Cleaning. Sorting. Archiving. Mending. Oh, and job-hunting. Sabbatical is over, kids.

Creating... Nothing, per se.

Learning... Nothing, per se.

Reading... MM and I are working through the Anne books and are almost done with Snow Crash in our fun Read-aloud Cultural Exchange. I'm still reading Salt.

Pondering... Still this: Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.

Remembering... Well, not this very moment, but several times over the last few days I've caught the scent of sun-baked pine needles. Each time a wave of summertime memories washes over me. A hundred camping trips with family, friends, youth groups. Day-long hikes, plunging into the woods and streams and alpine lakes that brought a glimpse of goodness into weary, battered souls. Riding ATVs up steep switchbacks through Greece and feeling like I'm home. Oh! That scent makes my heart swell and ache with memory and longing. I would gather a bowl of them form my desk, but I'm afraid I'd just sit there and daydream of campfires and the feel of a cold, mountain creek on blistered heels.

Thankful for... My girlfriends. More times and ways than I can count, their love and friendship has saved me.

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