and the livin is easy

Oh, summer is in full force here in Fake New Jersey. MM and I made some progress on the Summer List last month as well as encountering many unlisted pleasures:

~ Old Navy Flip Flops (mine have sparkly jewels at the toe part)

~ Ice cream sandwiches and popcicles from the ice cream man or from the creamery down the street

~ Bike rides under glorious tree canopies, breathing in the scent of olianders, jasmine, barbecues, and the occasional whiff of chlorine drifting out from back yard swimming pools

~ Porch time spent watching tiny bugs drift in and out of shafts of sunlight (the closest I have been to fireflies)*

~ Swimming with friends and running through the sprinklers in our front yard

~ Grilling in the back yard

This past weekend was a happy, star-spangly celebration of summer, we rode bikes, read books, ran through sprinklers, ate ice cream and frozen yogurt and popcicles and lots of BBQ, swam and lounged and saw a summer movie in the heat of the day, watched a parade, leaned on my handsome husband and watched fireworks, drank red wine and cold beers on the front porch, and topped it all off by "sparkler twirling" up and down the street with the neighbor kids.

* We've spent a LOT of time on the porch in our wicker chairs, reading out loud and chatting. While we sit, we sip a variety of good things: loose leaf tea or freshly ground coffee (using the good china!), leftover cyser from our wedding (from thrift store champagne flutes!), sparkling water, cucumber water, lemonade, red wine, and cold beer. When the breeze blows it carries the scent of roses, lavender, jasmine, and an unknown, heavenly blossom that just says, SUMMER. I've even started keeping a small bouquet from the side yard on the little stool that serves as an endtable. That scent intoxicates!

Thankful for this summer grace. My soul sorely needed it.

Spent the morning biking around to do my errands. Now for a quiet spell in the neighborhood coffee shop before I clean my house. Time for an iced mocha and a good book.

Happy summer to you!