oh, it's just a list of random

1 Well. I tried to get clever with my self-pedicure yesterday. I layered two glittery colors - Revlon "Firecracker" and Sinful Colors "All About You". Turned into a hot mess. But its a hot mess I will live with for two weeks til I paint my nails again. At least its sparkly.

2 Aside from having to watch the starlings attack the little finches all day (darn Circle of Life), yesterday's outside office rocked! Spent the whole day on the front porch, sipping lemonade and reconciling budget spreadsheets. Ahhh! Nothing says summer like budget analysis.

3 The good news is that my analysis shows we can, in fact, afford our anniversary trip. (One year coming up! w00t!) Even on our Diet Coke budget, some of our champagne wishes can come true.

4 We are totally loving our new bicycles! Mine is a beautiful grey-purply-sparkly color with white "tatoos", two-toned seat, and a sweet chimey bell. MM's old Raleigh is two-toned brown and cream (reminds me of a rootbeer float), and he looks dead sexy cruising along in his checkered vans and black leather helmet. (And clothes. He wears more than shoes and helmet, just to clarify. I don't think we live in an area that could handle nude bicycling. Also, that doesn't sound at all comfortable. Youch!) Anyway, we do a lot of fully-clothed bicycling all over the neighborhood, and hope to head out on bike trails once we get our mad skillz sharpened.

5 MM and I are discussing some growth projects for the summer. He has a few writing projects he wants to work on, and I want some sort of learning/reading project to prevent brain atrophy while I'm on sabbatical. We both want to learn Spanish. So I think we're going to figure out some sort of study plan and set aside at least one night a week to work on this stuff. I expect that once we get rolling, we'll find more time interspersed in our days as well. My husband is an autodidact, and I love to learn new things, so I think we'll have fun with this. Hooray for libraries!

6 I have the car today, and soon I'll collect a friend and make the rounds of grocery stores and food co-ops and whatnot. Becoming a one-car household has been good on many levels. We paid off debt and reduced expenses, of course, but its more than that. We are more conscious of car usage now, thinking and planning ahead about errands and appointments. This weekly grocery trip has turned into a community-building event instead of just a round of errands. On days when I have the car, I drive MM to work and pick him up, giving us extra time to talk and connect. And when I don't have the car, I get to bike around town on my sparkly, tatooed cruiser. Good stuff.

7 Happy Thursday, peeps!


  1. Wanna go biking? I'd love to have a visit, and you could show off your new bike!

  2. Yes! Email me and we will hatch a plan!

  3. Your post made me smile: "Nothing says summer like budget analysis;" hot mess nails, and nude biking.

    I am hoping to do my nails with friends after Gretchen's wedding. They will look striped. If it turns out, I'll post pictures.

    I am also wanting to learn Spanish - it has been on my list of goal for years. I even made plans to meet up with a native Spanish speaker and then I broke my shoulder. Don't know when I'll get back to adding extra things into my life. Well, yes I do. After I am done with physical therapy.

    Do you know what curriculum you'll be using?

    Congrats on the one year anniversary!

    It was fun visiting, Doodah.


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