hooray for summer!

Well, summer is here at last! And none too soon. Three months of March is enough, thank you.

MM and I retrieved my gas grill from friends storing it, and it promptly rained for three weeks or so, making it difficult to BBQ. We bought bikes a week ago, and along with hail, wind, rain, thunderstorms, and tornadoes, we both got sick, so no riding for us. The late spring blossoms and baby birds in our neighborhood have had a rough time of it with the cold and inclement weather. The mold in our bathroom came back a thousandfold, and everything has that cooped up, musty smell of a Long Winter.

But the last two days have been sunshiney all over, and Accuweather shows me 15 suns on the calendar. Amen and hallelujah!

I converted my cargo pants to capris yesterday and spent five hours sitting in the sun making Vitamin D. Last night MM and I (healthy again) rode our bikes to the park for a picnic dinner. Today I hauled the card table to the front porch and set up my out-of-doors office. If I must work on spreadsheets and filing, I will do so amidst birdsong. (And garbage trucks - Trash Day may not be ideal for outdoor officing.) During my lunch break, I'm going to paint my toes. I may grill some chicken for dinner.

Oh, this feels good. So good!

My soul has been through the ringer since December. It has been a long, dark, and stormy spring inside and out. I know there are more storms ahead, but I am so glad for this respite.

Today I will alternate work with sabbath moments. I will sit in the white wicker rocker, sipping lemonade and peeking through the tree branches at blue sky. I will find a patch of sun and stand barefoot in newly-cut grass, soaking in warmth and light. I will breathe in the fragrance of sunscreen and jasmine and lavender. I will listen to the birds squawk and squabble overhead and the dogs bark down the street.

Amen and amen!


  1. and Amen.


    PS My comment moderation word is, "BULLOPP!" Give this sunshine a hearty "YOP!" I sure am!!


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