it's springtime, but summer's a comin'!

Oh Internet People. I am a bad blogger. Sorry to neglect you. Especially after I promised more posts about spring and whatnot.

Its just been a "box of chocolates" around here. Some days have been good. Others have had their share of Balrogs to fight and stormy seas to weather. This season of Release/Receive is tough! Like Unexpectedly-Getting-Punched-In-The-Gut-Repeatedly-When-You-Still-Haven't-Recovered-From-The-Last-Round-Of-Punching Tough.


God is good. And this glorious, gorgeous spring is sliding slowly into summertime, with all its sunscreen, popcicles, swimming pool days, and firepit nights.

My toes are itching to dig into a sandy beach. My feet long to rest on the porch rail, displaying my sparkly flip-flops to the best advantage.

I have a pair of chocolate brown capri pants that want to go to a concert in the park, and a white skirt just waiting for a trip the Farmers Market (to get stained by fresh strawberries popped from little baskets straight into my mouth). My head wants to wear a beat up cowboy hat while MM and I float the afternoon away in our raft.

Oh, and fireworks! Yes, more of those, please.

Soon. Very soon.

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