scenes from a "rapturous" weekend

We are rockin' and rollin' here at the little house in Fake New Jersey. Spring and summer continue to arm wrestle each other in the air. And I don't care. I know I will complain about the 100+ degree heat later, but look, we can't run through sprinklers in 60 degree weather. I can't properly enjoy limeaid and sparkling water on my front porch when it is cloudy and cold.

Emotionally it's been rocky and rolly as well. Oh, soul-healing is not for the faint of heart.

But, Oh, there are days drenched in goodness too. This weekend was miraculous and "nearly perfect."

After a leisurely meal, we went to a friend's house to enjoy his new fire pit. Sank into patio and beach chairs - I was the only girl, so I got the Fancy Chair. :) Sipped whiskey and port amid the tiki torches and swapped tales of swordfights and adventure. Seriously.

Headed home at curfew, but made a detour to a local Denny's for a slam and a Moon's Over my Hammy. (MM had never had that before, can you believe it??) The place was packed with the usual late-night assortment of squealing teens, cowboys, bikers, first dates, and folks in various stages of recovery. The food was perfectly Denny's and the coffee was all you'd expect. I especially love the thick mugs of "diner coffee."

We slept in and snuggled up, smiling and lovey dovey and happy to wake up next to each other. (Also, I love it when we hold hands in our sleep.) I took a shower and MM made breakfast and tea and packed a picnic. (That made me feel so loved and cared for. It was all ready by the time I got out. All I had to remember was the sunscreen. Well, that and the blanket. Which I forgot in my excitement for the day.)

A leisurely philosophy breakfast and some hand holding and googly-eyes, and a bit of dancing in the office, then MM went in to shower, while I logged some porch time. The little neighbor girl came by with a friend to chat and tell me all about their attempts to catch one of the 47,000 birds nesting and trying to raise families in the rafters, bushes, and trees of our neighborhood. So far, no luck. But they did briefly trap a squirrel.

When MM was ready we loaded the car and headed off to a local winery - where he'd proposed to me the year before. The drive, the weather, the air, the vineyard - all gorgeous. We sipped a sumptuous Cab and nibbled on our picnic treats. Had our neighbors snap a photo to commemorate our engage-aversary. Watched kids swing from the weeping willow branches tarzan-style. Wandered the vineyard, stopping to kiss every so often...

The rest of the afternoon we drove around the wine country listening to our Summer Soundtrack and dreaming of possible future homes and activities. The day gleamed.

At twilight, we headed home to barbecue (steak, quinoa, peppers, squash, salad, and more Cab), dance in the twinkle-lights strung up in the back yard, and enjoy our own firepit. We roasted marshmallows and nibbled on dark chocolate and port. The perfect end to a lovely, love-filled day. MM joked, "maybe Jesus did come back, cause this is heavenly." :)

We arose early, breakfasted on whatever was handy, and headed out the door for our Sunday things. MM to his study group, and me to coffee with my sweet Bride. We returned home to lunch and a long nap and more time on the front porch, reading and chatting. We made stirfry and watched the Office and went to bed early.

Married life is good.


it's springtime, but summer's a comin'!

Oh Internet People. I am a bad blogger. Sorry to neglect you. Especially after I promised more posts about spring and whatnot.

Its just been a "box of chocolates" around here. Some days have been good. Others have had their share of Balrogs to fight and stormy seas to weather. This season of Release/Receive is tough! Like Unexpectedly-Getting-Punched-In-The-Gut-Repeatedly-When-You-Still-Haven't-Recovered-From-The-Last-Round-Of-Punching Tough.


God is good. And this glorious, gorgeous spring is sliding slowly into summertime, with all its sunscreen, popcicles, swimming pool days, and firepit nights.

My toes are itching to dig into a sandy beach. My feet long to rest on the porch rail, displaying my sparkly flip-flops to the best advantage.

I have a pair of chocolate brown capri pants that want to go to a concert in the park, and a white skirt just waiting for a trip the Farmers Market (to get stained by fresh strawberries popped from little baskets straight into my mouth). My head wants to wear a beat up cowboy hat while MM and I float the afternoon away in our raft.

Oh, and fireworks! Yes, more of those, please.

Soon. Very soon.