tuesdaybook - sunday comes afterwards

Seeing ~ Our newly re-organized-for-efficiency office. Now we have a command center between our desks with office supplies, printer, shredder, power cord, paper tray, etc. Efficiency and office supplies make me happy.

Hearing ~ A bazillion birds tryin' to get it on. Happy Springtime, chickadees!

Wearing ~ Jeans, walking shoes, navy blue tank top, hoodie from my alma mater.

Tasting ~ Had a bowl of Puffins for Second Breakfast. Leftover soup for lunch. Switched grocery shopping day to Tuesdays, so Mondays meals are a bit of a catch-all. Last night made a soup with fresh chicken stock, and chicken pieces, black beans, salsa, and a variety of fresh veggies. If I'd had more salsa and some corn it would have been a lovely tortilla soup. Alas, it was not to be. But good for us and tasted alright.

Planning ~ My errands for the day. I need a bit of strategery to manage all the locations.

Working ~ Trash day! Wooo! Yeah. It's not really that exciting. But in terms of housework, that's the biggie for today. Oh, and I am cleaning the fridge. That is the real kicker for today. Slimy, sludgy spills to be swabbed.

Creating ~ Book layout and design. Graphics for a friend's wedding. Invites for a party.

Learning ~ I will be wrestling Word into submission. That is enough mental taxing for today.

Reading ~ Finishing Fellowship of the Ring. Finally! After that, I'm at loose ends for reading material. I'm not up for Two Towers right now. We'll wait for fall. We are heading into "beach read" weather. Lighter fare.

Pondering ~ This is an intense season. Merging lives as a married couple... Doing my healing work for my body and soul... I am seeking wisdom. Direction. What are the next steps? What do I lay hold of? What do I let go of? Release/Receive.

Remembering ~ Past summer days... hot sun on city streets, or soft grass, or dazzling beaches... what it feels like to sink into that sunshine and nap without care... the scent of sunscreen and sweat and the neighbor's barbecue grill and jasmine...

Thankful for ~ Stephen Colbert's cover of Friday. I laughed and smiled and clapped and watched it forty-leven times. It reminded me that I used to laugh like that a lot. I miss laughing out loud like that, just appreciating the silliness. I can remember sitting up in my room at midnight crying with laughter over Jim and Dwight and Michael Scott. Both hands over my mouth so I wouldn't wake my roommates. Good times. Or a few months ago, howling with laughter over that site where people post their iPhone autocorrect errors.

So - thank you Stephen and Jimmy. And Yettie. You made my day awesome - and it wasn't even Friday.


  1. I think you should know that this made my day!

  2. Awesome! I laugh every time he jumps up and the fireworks go off. Also, he dances like Boy George! :D


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