scenes from a spring weekend

~ The feel of snow in the air and the warm restaurant and a table near the kitchen piled with Hot and sour soup, pot stickers, broccoli beef, sticky rice, eggrolls, chicken wings, sweet and sour pork, hot tea... the feel of MM's hand around mine and the smile in his eyes... an inpromptu date to celebrate the completion of the book design project.

~ The now familiar fragrance of a Filipino breakfast: eggs, bacon, sticky rice, baked beans, sourdough toast, and coffee, stirs hunger and memories of roommate years... dirty blinds separate the shaft of sunlight into cheerful lines of warmth on the wooden tabletop... Thomas the Tomato plant cheerfully bobs and shimmies as I kick the table leg... breakfast with my dear friend, followed by a walk in the most glorious spring.

~ Red and white and orange and pink roses spill from vases... my sweet MM brings love and beauty home with the taco fixings.

~ Laughter and stories and an impromptu lesson on various swords, their historical context, use, and style... black coffee and a rich dessert that we couldn't refuse... dinner with a sweet friend and her classy mom.

~ Birdsong and sunshine sneak past the blinds and lure us into a spring adventures... Guitar, cello, and ukulele ebb and flow with the rolling hills of emerald... sunlight and shadow enrich the landscape with every shade of green - so alive!... blossoming bushes and trees and ground cover mingle with patches of wild flowers in every shade... tulips and daffodils bowed low from a recent snowfall, still resplendent, deep colors vibrant against the lush green backdrop... peanut butter and jelly sandwiches... sparkly lime water... smiles and quiet "I love yous"...

~ Wee little onesies and tiny socks and stripey jumpers with dinosaurs and skateboarding elephants and firetrucks... the chatter and laughter of moms and daughters and sisters and friends... sparkling apple cider, bruchetta, croissants, lettuce wraps - a ton of spicy, savory, bite-sized treats... hugs from long lost SWs after almost two years without seeing each other - two years! a homecoming of sorts, and it is good to share deep and laugh hard in the space of two hours...

~ A sinkroom piled high with clean dishes. My sweet MM loving me again.

~ A book and a patch of sun and a whole day stretched before me to read and luxuriate... eggies in a basket... MM tip-tap-tapping away at the keyboard as the laundry clanks and spins...

~ Red wine, rich cheese, sweet bread, quince paste, tomato chutney, apples, and real, homemade hot cross buns... the sun warm on my back... thick grass sprawling with runningjumpinglaughingplayingshrieking children... a garden of herbs and gooseberries and raspberries... a table graced with lovely, lilting accents and laughter and stories... real, mismatched dishes... a pig-shaped cutting board, just like the one I grew up with!...

~ Curled up under covers, a tangle of legs and arms, snuggling into goodnight... soft mumbly prayers and "I love yous" and "Thank you God for..."

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