lenten recap: facebook is my gateway drug

Lent this year, did me some good. More than some. A lot. My "sacrifice" of the Internet really shouldn't count. I gained so much by losing the static, buzz, yammering, and noise of a hundred thousand websites and the never ending cocktail party chattering of Facebook in my head.

I do love all that stuff. I love being connected and in the know. But oh! How I love stillness. The silence to notice and attend to the world around me and the world inside me. Space to stretch out and loaf within my soul, feeling my feelings, thinking my thoughts. Pondering. Listening.

It was good. So good.

So good, that I'm going to keep it up. I'll keep my Facebook account, but won't post much, and won't check it much, and will probably get rid of my photos, etc. People use it for email these days, and it is a useful tool for communication, so I want to be able to contact and be contacted. But I don't need to check it first thing in the morning or throughout the day when I am bored or sad or lonely or procrastinating. And same with the Internet. There's a lot of good stuff out there. But there's also just a lot of stuff. And I can spend hours looking at stuff.

In the last stuff-less month, I have created art and thrown parties and written letters and read books and had coffee dates and lunch dates and just down-shifted from the electronic world to the physical world. It is good to sink my bare feet into the earth again. To touch, see, smell, taste, hear, and soak in the world around me. This is one of the most glorious springs in my memory. It probably isn't. It's probably the same old spring that has always been. I'm just paying attention again.

There's nothing wrong with the Internet or Facebook. I'm thankful for these tools. I just know that my soul needs an unplugged season.

Lent was good. Holy week was good. Easter was good. Now we are in Ordinary Time. And that is also good. A chance to work things out, be transformed, bring light into dark places, and experience the power of God first hand in the daily stuff. To taste and see (and smell and hear and touch) Goodness in the midst of the ordinary. For me, part of that means less screen time.

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