tuesdaybook - a sunshiney day

Seeing ~ Pale sunlight slanting through blossomed branches in the side yard. The neighbors have some vine covered in purple flowers. It's climbed over the fence and up into a nondescript deciduous tree, filling its branches with purple puffballs. Next to this is a white-blossomed fruit tree. A lovely spring view.

Hearing ~ Birds twittering among the blossoms... zippers clanging in the dryer... a neighbor's leaf blower... the humm of my laptop...

Wearing ~ My favorite, torn up baseball cap, a blue argyle sweater over a grey longsleeved tshirt, jeans, blue stripey kneehighs, running shoes.

Tasting ~ Steel cut oats with coconut oil, honey, and cinamon. Herbal tea. To increase my metabolism, I've split breakfast into two parts. Second Breakfast comes a couple hours after Regular Breakfast.

Planning ~ MM's birthday celebrations, Lent/Passion Week/Eastery activities, St Patrick's Day, St George's Day... Lots going on this spring!

Working ~ Errands and chores are next. Followed by a Phat Nap! No design/development work today.

Creating ~ Sewing the last of the Year Old Pillowcases. And tearing through my yarn stash to use up my old stuff on scarves. This is a good movie watching activity. Almost finished the grey scarf during viewings of Julie & Julia and The Last Samurai. I've also got a giant pile of old tshirts and sweat shirts that I'd intended on turning into a quilt, but am thinking I may pass on that. We'll see.

Learning ~ I don't have anything particular that I'm learning today, but I'm sure I'll encounter something new and interesting...

Reading ~ OK. I finally got the stinkin Hobbits out of Bree and across the river. They finished the Council of Elrond and are just sort of larking about til Elrond decides who should go with Frodo. Then it will be the long slog through Mordor.

Pondering ~ "A pail with a pinhole loses as much as the pail pushed right over. A whole life can be lost in minutes wasted, small moments missed." ~Ann Voskamp Lent (starting next week) always inspires me to examine my life for pinholes. Am thinking about her words a lot as I prepare.

Remembering ~ The Alamo. No. Not really. I did get to see the Alamo once. Its so tiny. No, actually, I am remembering last nights delicious dinner: Porkchops roasted in the oven with Vanilla Stout, sauteed brussel sprouts and shallots in honey mustard sauce, MM's doctored up whole wheat mac and cheese, salad with homemade yogurt dressing. Sweet Mercy, that was a gooooood dinner.

Thankful for ~ Sunshine... herbal tea... my pink mittens... a husband who happily watches romantic comedies with me and finds so many other ways to care about and for me... My Lunaversary roses opening up in the warmth of the living room... leftovers for lunch...

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