An angry wind wrestles oak trees in the park and throws our neighbor's palms down the street. It bends and whips the pines and maples around our little house. Branches swirl and sway and scratch at the dark sky. The rain itself is calm and steady. The cold seeps through gaps in this old house's doors and single paned windows. I doubt the heater will get much of a break today.

I've hauled my books and journals and computers out to the red couch where I can watch the wild weather from under a quilt. I'll keep the candles lit all day and sip many cups of peppermint tea. Today is a day for gentleness.

Today I will ignore the voice inside me telling me I need to wash dishes and make the beds and vacuum and dust and clean the toilet. Today I will rest. Today I will read books and stare out the window or at the vibrant bouquet of purple and yellow flowers on the coffee table. I will smell the bread bake and the soup simmer. I will listen to the wind howl and the rain fall and the heater blow.

My heart has work to do, so today is a day to be gentle to myself.

- - - - -
Sorry for the lack of posts last week. It was a busy one. I am taking a bit of a break, but I've set a bunch of posts to auto-post, so you'll get fresh content for a while.

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