a tale of three parties: st patty's day

I don't go out much on St Pat's. I love to hear a good band in a cozy pub with a good beer or sip of Irish as much as the next lass, but St Patty's day is a little too much in my town. Just a lot of loud, drunk people crammed into small spaces spilling green beer on each other. But an Irish girl must do something to honor the good saint, so, I put on some Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly and have friends come to dinner.

For most of my life we had corned beef and cabbage with carrots, 'nips, and tatties. Mom made baking powder biscuits instead of soda bread, so I've always done that too. The last few years, though, I've made a delicious Guinness Stew. (Last year I bit my tongue really hard two days before St Patrick's, and couldn't eat any of my stew! :( So sad!)

This year, St Pats was on a Thursday, so we had the usual Thursday Crew over. Its just a bunch of dudes, but I decorated anyway.

I made banners from a bunch of green paper and string.

I took a soup tureen from my MIL and turned it into a pot of gold. I stuffed it with a brown paper bag and layered the top with candies wrapped in gold papers.

And here is the stew. Lordhamercy, but it was goo-ood!

The Thursday Crew ate and drank beers and whiskey and talked well past our bedtime. Good times. I'm hoping next year, that we can start a bit earlier and more folks can join us. We went to another St Pat's party on Saturday that served corned beef paninis! Awesome!

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