a tale of three parties: MM's birthday

On MM's birthday last year I'd invited his buddies to come to Lebowski Bowl at a local alley. We bowled a few frames and drank white russians and hung out. Some people even came dressed as The Dude. Good times. And simple to put together. MM's sister hosted a family celebration a few days later.

This year was trickier. We hosted the family party, and in an effort to conserve Saturdays (which get booked so fast!) and make less driving for folks, we had both parties at our house on the same day. So, at 4:30 the family crammed into the Little House in Fake New Jersey to eat and sing and celebrate, and then his buddies came at 9 to drink a toast and hang out. (And these came AFTER we attended two events earlier in the day.)

It turned out fine, but I did learn a few lessons:

1) Don't hold two parties on the same day unless you have the Buddy Party out somewhere.

2) We are officially too old to go anywhere on a Saturday night, unless we're specifically going to see a band or go dancing, so more than likely, the Buddy Party will be on, like, a Tuesday or something. And that's ok. Screw bedtimes! Its a birthday!

3) MM is an amazing, generous, loving man who will vacuum and help set up for his own birthday party. God bless him!

I didn't get photos of much that day, but I made another banner.

And cute little flags...

... to go in the cupcakes.

Black table cloths tied with blue ribbon, a square of white napkin in the center, a blue bowl overturned to make a pedistal for a black plate filled with flagged cupcakes. Simple and festive. And tasty!

We ate lasagna and two kinds of salads and gobs of cupcakes. I'd made a pasta-free lasagna with zuchini instead of noodles but all the meat and cheese I could cram into an 8 x 12 pan. And since MM and I are not having sugar right now, one batch of cupcakes was actually no-sugar banana bread dipped in dark chocolate. Woah nelly!

The family has started composing alternate birthday songs for each occasion, and MM got two. I don't know if we sound good, but we sure are loud!

After the family took off, the guys came over to raise a glass and hang out a bit. Our Viking friend Dapper Dan came dressed to the nines, lookin' way too sharp for an evening in our living room. We spent a few hours chatting and sipping and planning some future fun. In contrast to Lebowski Bowl, this party was so mellow that one guy fell asleep on the floor. (In my defense, he's remodeling his house and had spent days sanding hardwood floors, so its not that our parties are boring, so much as he's just exhausted.)

So thankful for these men who bless my guy with friendship.

A day of good food, good people, good whiskey, and best of all, a happy husband.

Oh, isn't he just delicious!

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