a tale of three parties: engagement lunch

Love comes a rush and a whir of unexpectedness. For years (decades), I've known a bunch of smart, lovely, classy, quality women who remained inexplicably unmarried. Now, all of a sudden - woosh! Wedding bells are chiming all over the place!

Two dear women recently said "Yes!" And MM and I got to celebrate one of the happy couples last Sunday.

We set a black and white and silver table with my Mom's china and gardenias from the bush outside. MM made fabulous stuffed bell peppers and we had baked pears with cinnamon and honey for dessert. Peach bellini's for a bubbly toast as we listened to their Love Story and early plans for their Big Day.

The Bride and I have been friends for over half our lives. She is a soul sister. One of my tribe. My adopted family.

We've shared high school football games and movie nights and sleepovers and Rainbow Girls and summerstock and summer jobs out at the lake. We've done camping trips and road trips and youth work and worship team and been roommates several times. We've had Woohoo Weekends and Miller Family Fun Days and FunGirl Christmases. We've had Boys Night Outs where we played poker and pool and lost "penis points" for saying excuse me after we burped. We've cried like babies at Hallmark commercials, Stupid Movie Days, and the occasional Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

For over 20 years we have stood in front of bathroom mirrors singing along with the radio as we curl our hair and put on makeup and fancy clothes. And in July we'll do so again on her wedding day. She will be so beautiful!

Can't wait to celebrate my Okole Po'o's next adventure.

Congratulations, G!

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  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Oh, how I remember some of those times with you girls. Lots of dancing, singing, some tears, lots of joy and a beautiful friendship. I will never forget watching Beaches and bawling...swore I wouldn't watch it but got hooked and hated myself for watching it. There was prom night with a fancy dinner at our house, and the bad car wreck on 4th July where you rode your bike to the hospital to see your wounded friends.
    Love your post, thank you for doing this for our daughter.
    B in Hawaii


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