the real housewife of fake new jersey

It's been a full week at the little house in Fake New Jersey. Here's a random sampling:

1 We are plugging along at the daily stuff of the Right Now, and looking forward into The Future. The Right Now is hard work. Laborious. Requires perseverance. We are in training - physically, financially, spiritually, emotionally... Lots of new habits and routines, areas to stretch and grow. And, right now, its a bit like a three-legged race at the church picnic as we figure out how to work together. We get tired and winded and occasionally sore. But - we also get stronger. Every day. This is good. And in the Three-legged Race of Life, there is no one else I'd rather be tied to than MM!

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow." ~ Mary Anne Radmacher

2 We found one little oxalis blossom in our yard. Apparently the gardening service that comes with our rental does not share our fondness for the pretty yellow "weed". MM is fond of quoting, "A weed is just a plant that can thrive without human intervention." If we get to own our next home, we want a big patch of them tumbling out into the sidewalk. I look forward to these every year, and thankfully most of our neighbors do their own yardwork.

3 I know this, because on Tuesday my friend and I accidentally walked for two hours around the park and our neighborhood. A gorgeous day and good conversation'll do that. I did not stretch out enough afterward and am enjoying super tight hamstrings for the rest of this week. Yay. We really enjoyed all the old houses and cool yards. We turned a corner to one side street to find plastic lawn flamingos in all the yards. Totally fun. One had about 40, and a sign telling the world that they'd been flamingoed.

4 We had whole-wheat, apple pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. Yum! MM is not a fan of "fruit in things that should be eaten with maple syrup." He is a doubter. Well, despite screwing up the recipe (2 teaspoons of salt instead of 1/2 teaspoons. Um, yeah.) I won him over with their deliciousness. Two tricks: 1) Instead of using regular vegetable oil or shortening, I used coconut oil. 2) I cook them in real butter. No pam. No margerine. Butter. (I wish I had the Julie & Julia clip of Julia eating her first meal in France and gasping, "Butter." Its like that.)

5 And now it is Lent. MM and I are already off sugar and on a tight budget as part of the aforementioned training, but now we've added a few other "fasts" for the season. He is abstaining from coffee and alcohol, except for four specific events. And I am abstaining from the Internet, except for radio, Netflix, a couple blogs (including this one), and Twitter. I tell you what, it was very weird to not be on Facebook yesterday. Church-wise, we are sporting purple leather bracelets (made by MM!) to connect with the Church at large, and going through this prayer guide with our local crew. Looking forward to this season of quiet re-focusing.

6 I am extra motivated to get through my chores and administrative work today. Last weekend we went through my jewelry box and pulled the stuff that I don't want/need/wear/like, etc. Some pieces I will donate, but others I'm chopping up to harvest beads, fasteners, and doodads. I've not done much jewelry making, but having all these raw materials inspires me to play around a bit. (Oh, I also just went ahead and tossed the old sweatshirts and tshirts for the quilt I never made. My craft shelf and my soul both feel a lot lighter. And I'm renewed in my desire to use up all that old yarn to clear out even more space.) So, If I get all my stuff done, I have an afternoon of Downton Abbey and creativity to look forward to. And without Facebook and 7 million blogs to pull me down Internet rabbit trails, I should do just fine.

7 And finally, Big Mama rocked this pretty hard. Christians sure can be buttheads. Bless their hearts.


  1. I might need to steal your pancake recipe! They sound amazing!

  2. Wow. Sugar AND coffee. I certainly hope he's still drinking tea. That's hardcore! Always great to hear your news; glad you're not giving up this blog.

    I'm adding instead of subtracting this Lent, going to the public gatherings all throughout at the local Anglican church. Actually, I guess I'm giving up Sunday mornings in pjs.


  3. ps..can you steal a half dozen of those flamingos for my Alice in Wonderland croquet scene?

  4. Lucy - absolutely. The key is the coconut oil, I tell ya. Yum!
    Jewell :) - Oh, it's hardcore alright. That's cool that you are connecting w/the larger Body this season. You'll have to change back into pjs as soon as you get home! :)


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