friday fave five with a side dish of balrogs

Another week of ups and downs. Part wrestling Balrogs and warthogs and slogging through thick bogs. And part sunshine and blossoms and homemade soup. Take it from me, it is much easier to wrestle balrogs when you have a beautiful bowl of camellia blossoms on the dining room table, and delicious soup simmering on the stove, and creative projects to concentrate on.

Yesterday, though the pile of dishes rose two feet above the counter on all sides of the sink, I didn't do a lick of housework. Instead, I designed a flier for an upcoming event that MM is hosting. It felt good to do that kind of work again. I love designing and creating. I just hate all the incompetent project management, insane work hours, and unreasonable deadlines that often goes along with those sorts of jobs.

The flier was fun. And I've got a few more projects in the pipe, which will stand in for this week's fave five:

1 My hubbie's website redesign. (If he will ever get me the copy. Ahem.) Its based on some business cards I designed for his birthday last year, and I've been having fun with CSS. Its very sparse and simple, which I love. The plan is to eventually adapt the blog that goes with it to have the same look and feel. He's a talented guy, and it will be cool for him to have a space on the web to display his work again.

2 A redesign of our site and blog. We had such a fast engagement that we didn't get to really do much to the site we created for our wedding. Now that we're married, we want to have a place for family and friends to come get news, see photos, etc. We have some fun ideas for creative stuff to do together, and this will be a spot to talk about that. MM loves comics, and for our wedding I created little cartoon depictions of us. I think it would be fun to use those as a basis for the design of our site.

3 And a book production project that I'm really looking forward to. MM is doing the writing and content, and I get to design the template. Fonts, fonts, fonts! We are limited to using Microsoft products for the layout, but who cares - FONTS! :D Plus, we're going to create a hardcover with a full-color dustjacket, which will be a whole design project in itself. MM has some beautiful artwork to start with. Exciting!

4 Crochet, crochet, crochet! I am trying to plow through the gobs of old yarn I've got, so that I can start over with more strategic yarn. Its slow going, because I typically only crochet when I'm watching TV/movies, and MM and I are so busy, we don't get to do that much. We've got over 400 movies in our Netflix queue and the first two seasons of LOST languishing on our entertainment shelf. Anyway. Its fun to see all the scarves and such coming out. I should start making the little Grandma Slippers my mom makes. Those go faster, I think...

5 Sewing, maybe. I have a bunch of half-finished projects taking up space in my craft area, and I'm just not inspired. The tshirt and sweatshirt quilts seamed fun at the time (I think I started it almost 20 years ago!) But now it just seem kind of depressing. I may toss/gift/upcycle them somehow. Anybody want a bunch of fabric squares? Blegh.

Then there's this:

I love this. Its kind of hideous and awesome at the same time. My mom had it all the time I was growing up, so I have all sorts of sentimental attachment to its ugly cuteness. Its gloriously 70s with its orange, lime, avacado, and brown. But I don't know what to do with it. I can't wear it. Oy! I don't want to make MM look at it all the time, so no pillow covers or napkins. Anyway. I want to do something fun with my ugly fabric.

So - on this Friday, I'm thankful that after a two year drought my creativity is returning. Burnout sucks, people. It really, really does. I am so thankful to be on the mend. Balrogs and all.

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  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    And may the Lord spare us all from any new devilry this year:-) God bless your Lent! jovie


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