friday fave five - pretty things

Oh, happy Friday. Here are my fave five just from today:

1 I can officially drop down my chiropractor visits to every three weeks! I will do the same for massage, and will now add in the physical therapy on the third week. Yay! I am healing!

2 Coffee with Jovie and deep conversation this morning. It was so good to sit on a beat up leather couch, surrounded by college students, sip frothy espresso drinks and talk about the stuff that matters. So good to hear her heart.

3 The sun shining on my neighbors yards bursting with oxalis, peach blossoms, camellias, and other flowers. It cheered my heart to stand at the corner and look down the length of my street awash in spring color and new life.

4 These pretty things that I've made the last few days. (Click the photo to view it in Ginormo. Also, forgive the quality of the picture. The colors are much more vibrant in real life.) My favorites are the red/orange bracelet and the pink necklace on the left. I made both from bits and bobs harvested in the Jewelry Box Purge of 2011.

The bracelet contains parts of a necklace from a dear friend, a bracelet from a festival with my mom (we got matching cheap plastic bracelets), and the "carrots" from a set of snowmen ornaments I made years ago. The necklace contains parts of the same festival bracelet, one of my "happy summer bracelets" from several years ago (Every year, I load my arm with a bunch of colorful bracelets and wear them all summer. Its weird, but I've done it since I was a kid.), and the heart from a necklace my cousin gave me.

5 MM and I get to spend four whole days together, starting with dinner at Buddy and Jovie's tonight. Authentic Filipino food, incredible home-brewed beer, and laughter with friends to kick off a weekend with my Sweetie. I am lucky and blessed beyond all good sense.

Happy Friday, y'all.

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