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The inspiration for these posts came from the Simple Woman's Daybook. Just like the Friday Fave Five, I don't want to participate in the whole linky thing, but the meme is a good jumpstarter for posts.

For today I am...

Seeing ~ Our dingy office walls (Oh, how I wish I could paint this place. And re-wire it. And pull up the carpets. And remodel the kitchen. And the bathroom...) and the fun odds and ends on the top of my husband's desk (a dragon calligraphy brush holder, an antique sabre, a lego knight and catapult set, a screwdriver with a wrinkly man carved into the wooden handle, a nondescript tealight from IKEA, a tall clear glass vase with a single, dead rose).

Hearing ~ The whir of computer hard-drives and fans, the churning of our refrigerator's ice maker, a few birds in the trees outside.

Wearing ~ Jeans, blue snowflake socks, white long-sleeved T with a light blue v-neck sweater over.

Tasting ~ Nothing yet, but my tummy is rumbly for Second Breakfast. A scrambled egg should do the trick.

Planning ~ Now that we've settled in a bit and the holidays are over, we're trying to get back into a social groove. Trying to plan get-togethers with family and friends and still have down time. We're both introverts/creative types. We need time away from people to recharge and work on our creative projects. At the same time, we have a rich community of love that we want to stay connected to.

Working ~ Have been working on website and blog redesign, and will likely do some of that. Today I must clean the floors and make the bread. And I think there is some writing that needs to come out of my head and land somewhere.

Creating ~ If I have time, I want to sew some pillow cases and make some valentines. :)

Learning ~ Learning about the WordPress system for blogging, and all about the blog themes chosen for these websites. And MM and I are finally starting on our Home Learning Experiment. First up (to go with our Tango lessons): Argentina.

Reading ~ Still working my way slowly through Anne of Green Gables, Desire of the Everlasting Hills, and The Fellowship of the Ring. And tonight we're adding a new book to our "Things We're Reading Together" pile.

Pondering ~ For a month or so, I've been chewing on the truth that its not about "balance" so much as it is about priorities. What is really important? How do we make that happen? Abundant life is a life lived with purpose and meaning. An abundant life doesn't just happen; it is designed. So, I'm thinking a lot about the design of life. The foundation we need to lay so we are free and strong enough to leap off into Big Awesome Things. I'm still thinking about schedules and rhythms for our life this year. Still thinking about "First Things", and trying to figure out what needs to be done when, so that we can have things in place and ready to go and can focus our best energy on the things that matter to us.

Remembering ~ Tomorrow is Ground Hogs Day! :)

Thankful for ~ Warm slippers, homemade bread rising in a patch of sunlight, my green sharpie pen, distilled white vinegar that can clean everything (even my hair!), my stretches in the morning that help ease me into the day, my husband holding my hand as we sleep, a restorative weekend and smoother sailing...

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