thursdaybook - blustery!

Seeing ~ A to do list with lots of items crossed off! yay!

Hearing ~ MM muttering, sighing, humming, and occasionally whistling as he taptaptaps out a deliverable for work... the steady splatter of raindrops on the roofs and cement between our house and the neighbors... zippers clanging against the wall of the dryer... my laptop crunching and whirring its way through a virus scan...

Wearing ~ blue yoga pants, blue long-sleeved t-shirt, blue knee high socks

Tasting ~ Havarti with dill cheese - yummioso!

Planning ~ my afternoon: IKEA to get a replacement mirror for the one I broke the other day; Target to get razors and starch so my hubby can look slick and professional; home to make soup and possibly bread and hopefully do some writing...

Working ~ I've washed three loads of dishes, done three loads of laundry (waiting for the last one to come out of the dryer to fold), cleaned the bathroom (including scrubbing some of the mold off the wall - gross), answered emails (down to Inbox 432!), processed paperwork, and taken a first pass at the rest of the month's budget, vacuumed the office, watered the plants, dusted the living room, and put craft supplies away.

Creating ~ I hope to make bread and sew pillow cases (and perhaps another drying mat (so far, the first one is working pretty well)) and do some writing.

Learning ~ Today has been mostly physical activity, doing things I already know how to do...

Reading ~ Still reading the same ones. (Those poor hobbits just can't make it out of Bree!) I did take a break and read a couple of my husband's batman trades: Year One and The Dark Knight Returns.

Pondering ~ As we continue to refine our budget and our financial goals, just thinking a lot about how to line up our money with our values. And how our personal values may change the more that we figure out what sort of life we're meant to live. There are some books and movies we want to share and discuss and think about.

Remembering ~ To add "silverware strainer" to the IKEA list

Thankful for ~ rainy afternoons; thick, warm socks; the blue quilt on the foot of our bed; candles; hand lotion; funny friends; boots...

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