seven random things

1 - MM did approximately 49 loads of laundry yesterday. OK. Not that many, but a lot. Here's to my awesome man for rockin' the laundry room.

2 - While my sweet man did laundry, I had a lovely coffee date with a friend who is pure sunshine for my soul. We talked about serious things, but we also talked about gardening and summer vacation plans and what her mom gets to do after retirement. It was just good to sit in peace with my funny, creative friend and swap stories. Ahhh.

3 - My sunshiney friend gave me some kefir culture to start making my own pro-biotic beverage. Super simple! And using this for morning smoothies will save me $25 a month in yogurt, and save me a trip to a third grocery store each week. Hallelujah! Had our first one today. Not bad.

4 - I think I may have figured out a new way to organize my daily to do list. Which may sound lame, but is kind of a big deal for me. I hate housework, and I am not naturally well-organized, so I need a good system or we eat peanut butter and jelly every day and wipe our hands on our stained jeans. Seriously. It's essential for me to have some kind of list, or I wake up four months later to find my bathtub has moved to Brazil.

5 - The dish drying mat seems to be working. Yay for us! If I can get my act together we'll have two more by the end of the week.

6 - My back/shoulder/hip pain is very low this week. Please o please, can this mean that I am on the mend! Trying to get in my stretches and a good walk in every day. This week is massage week, which, though I love the chiropractor, seems to be providing the bigger benefit right now. If I make it to Friday without my hip hurting this will be the first time in 7 months that I've gone a week without that crazy pain. Here's hopin!

7 - Made bread yesterday. Oh, yum. I need to seriously cut back on how much I'm eating. But its hard. This bread is like goodness and magic. With butter. In my tummy.

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