scenes from a weekend - bounty

~ The Blues swelling to fill our living room as my guy and three buddies take turns soloing over sweet hooks and rhythms. Three guitars and a pile of percussion instruments fill our home with sweet sounds. It may be that I'm weird, but Blues music makes me so happy. Love it. And these guys are TALENTED guitarists. Wow. Wow. Wow!

~ The crisp British accents of Downton Abbey spin a tale of servants and masters as I snip, trip, cut, glue, and paste together Valentines for a few friends and nieces. A pile of love notes await the post office.

~ Good friends share wine and stories over a yummy dinner. (Sweet mercy! Chicken cooked in the crock pot all day with oranges, onion, garlic, and thyme; zucchini and breadcrumb casserole; carrots, potato, and sweet potato roasted with olive oil and rosemary; salad; and Tonia's bread.) So good to laugh and reconnect after so many months.

~ The taste of apple crisp and coffee wake me to a sunshiny day to spend with friends at our local winery.

~ A narrow country road bends between a river, a creek, farms, orchards, and vineyards. Sunlight filters through baby leaves and new blossoms to land on those sweet yellow flowers (weeds) that make my heart awake to the new life of spring. Old rusted trucks, barns and out buildings in various states of repair, laundry hung on clotheslines built in the 30's... I drink the simple beauty in and my heart aches with love and homesickness for I don't even know what.

~ The rich taste of Port and other wines, blue cheese, dark chocolate, strawberries, chocolate covered cherries... We picnic (sandwiches from that roasted chicken!) in the garden and walk a row of vines in the sun. MM and I steal a few kisses now and then between the sips and bites of all these delectable goodies. A delicious afternoon.

~ The Dude abides. In a fantastic re-telling. A tale of vengeance, justice, redemption, and love. And outlaws. And one darling, plucky girl. A beautiful soundtrack. Excellent performances. We're still smiling.

~ The luxurious leisure after a bit of a lie-in of a wonderful, wandering Philosophy Breakfast with my MM. We took advantage of a mishap with the homemade bread to make "Eggies in a Basket". A giant air bubble made the perfect hole to make the eggs. Yum!

~ The diamond sparkle of a mountain reservoir in afternoon sun, surrounded by rich, gold-flecked sand, glittering snow, and a million evergreen trees. The happy gurgling creek behind us as MM and I sit munching lunch on a boulder. So many dreams come true in that moment. To sit with my Love in nature, to drink in fresh air and all that beauty. My heart could burst.

~ Margherita pizza and Fat Tire Amber Ale. After an afternoon of tromping in the snow? Amen!

~ The snugglicousness of sheets and covers after a hot shower, muscles ready for a good, long sleep.

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