projects! dish drying mat

I made a dish drying mat today!

Got the basic idea from Running With Scissors. Modified it a bit in that mine has three layers: vinyl-backed felt, an old towel, and some fabric I'd bought a few years ago to make a summer dress.

Yeah, I know. I think I was going for Lilly Pulitzer, or something. Anyway. It was what I had on hand. And fun for a kitchen. I have gobs of it, so I may bust out some potholders or something.

It was fun to sew again. And to make something other than Valentines, which I've been working on for a month.

Next up, Year Old Pillowcases.

And because I'm all about authenticity, please know that THIS is what my sink room really looks like.

And this is a day when we're on top of things around here.

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