five faves on a gray friday

Its a gray, blustery day here in Fake New Jersey - pouring buckets. I lit a bunch of candles and pulled on warm socks and an extra sweater. Think I'll bake some banana bread or an apple crisp. I have to go out briefly into the weather, and I'm hoping the news reports don't come true til my man and I are both home. Snow. It happens so rarely where I live that it feels extra magical. So, I hope they come true, just later.

Whatever the weather, tonight MM and I plan to rest and snuggle up cozy warm, watching movies. I've had a gray sort of week, and am looking forward to homemade pizza and hugs and something to laugh at.

But even in a gray week, I can find five favorite things:

Friends - I got to have coffee with two sunshiney, wonderful friends this week. I got to hear funny stories and plans and dreams for the future. One is a mom to a sunshiney boy; one just found a boy to fill her heart with sunshine. One is a teacher; one is training to become one. Both are full of wit and joi de vivre. I am blessed to have their sunshine poured into my heart on occasion. Beautiful women.

Blossoms - flowers cover the whole city. Tulip trees in white, pink, and purple. Camelias in every variation of red, pink, and white. Azaleas. Daffodils. An unknown trailing vine of lovely purple covers my neighbors fence. And all unguarded lawns burst with yellow oxalis. (I LOVE that stuff. I used to make little nests in patches of the weeds and watch the flowers follow the sun across the sky) and tiny white daisies. Its only a matter of time before our neighbors come out to tend gardens, and then we're really in for a show.

Dishwashing Liquid - Mine smells like fruit loops. Almost makes hand-washing dishes a treat. :) Well, that and my new dish drying rack. It does add more cheer to the sinnk room. Trying to decide whether to make another out of the same fabric, or something different.

Downton Abbey - loving this show. Goes well with my candles, tea, and gray weather. And Dame Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countes? Perfect!

Minimal Pain - Today is massage day, and I am quite thankful to have made it two weeks without the return of crazy pain. Just normal pain. Which, hopefully will become zero pain someday. In the meantime, I am thankful for any little improvement. It was not long ago that I would wake up crying from the pain. So, yay!

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