The inspiration for these posts came from the Simple Woman's Daybook. Just like the Friday Fave Five, I don't want to participate in the whole linky thing, but the meme is a good jumpstarter for posts.

For today I am...

Seeing ~ A deliciously foggy world with glimpses of gnarly, twisty gray branches and darker gray sky. Makes me feel like sipping tea and watching some kind of British period piece.

Hearing ~ A few brave birds, chirping away in the fog.

Wearing ~ Black turtleneck, purple long-sleeved T, jeans, black and purple wool socks, and a cream scarf.

Tasting ~ Nothing at the moment, but I'm about to go make that tea...

Planning ~ Not much. Keeping today and the rest of this week simple.

Working ~ Thanks to a solid 8 hours of sleep - HALLELUJAH! - I was up, bright-eyed, at 6 am and have all my chores done already. I'm going to start a batch of bread to rise while I answer email.

Creating ~ My hubby's website.

Learning ~ I'm sure I will learn more as I work on the site.

Reading ~ Still working my way through Anne of Green Gables, The Fellowship of the Ring, and Desire of the Everlasting Hills. I am a slow reader these days.

Pondering ~ Various things MM and I can do to reduce stress. We've been feeling pretty pummeled lately.

Remembering ~ That I have an appointment at 2:15 - better set an alarm before I forget again!

Thankful for ~ My MM, who loves me so well - steel cut oats with cinnamon and dried berries - regular massages that help my pain level - the fragrance of homemade bread - warm socks on a cold day - the smell of clean laundry...

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