tuesdaybook - shepherd's pie

The inspiration for these posts came from the Simple Woman's Daybook. Just like the Friday Fave Five, I don't want to participate in the whole linky thing, but the meme is a good jumpstarter for posts.

For today I am...

Seeing ~ Through frosted windowpanes, the dark lacework of empty tree branches against a winter white sky.

Hearing ~ Soft sounds of The David Crowder Band streaming from the computer in the other room... neighborly leaf blowers... the whoosh of the heater kicking on.

Wearing ~ Brown turtleneck that MM calls my 70's Spacesuit; rose sweater; brown, cream, rose, and cranberry striped scarf; brown knee-high socks; and jeans.

Tasting ~ A second cup of tea and some spinache pie.

Planning ~ My afternoon projects: website design, enchillada design, and perhaps a craft or two.

Working ~ Well, I'm managing the dishes, laundry, trash, and recycling, but I just can't seem to get it together to do the floors. Tommorrow is D-day though, cuz we gots company comin.

Creating ~ Hopefully websites, enchilladas, and a wintry centerpiece/mobile type thing for our dining table.

Learning ~ Some new web design techniques. I'm also spending a lot of time on Simple Living and Homemaking and Organization blogs these days, seeking inspiration for New Years goals, etc. Fun stuff out there. Thinking about making my own hair/skin care products this year. :)

Reading ~ Well, I got derailed from one of my books by the Lord of the Rings. We watched the movies over Christmas, and that gave me a hankering to read the books again. Read the Hobbit, and just started Fellowship this week. My dreams have been an odd mix of adventures, orcs, menu planning, and homemade shampoo.

Pondering ~ Ways to support and love my husband and care for his needs... ways to bless him and surprise him with joy and fun... ways to approach my own healing (physical, emotional, etc.) and move toward health and strength...

Remembering ~ That I forgot to put the second load of laundry in the dryer!

Thankful for ~ The time and space to heal and rest... Internet in my home... That the wall in the laundry room is fixed and I can set up my craft/sewing stuff in there without fear of ruination... Shepherd's pie for dinner... A massage later today...

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