scenes from a weekend

Thursday (Yes, Thursday is the new Friday)
~ MM's eyes grow huge when he spies a surprise I'd gotten him earlier that day. It had been such a hard week. It felt so good to give hims something sweet.

~ The dark red liquid romance swirls in our wine glasses as we toast to the weekend. And the end of this week!.

~ The red hair and smiling eyes of my new friend-in-law as she sits amidst the bronze and orange sparkles of the diner booth. I eat a gorgeous gourmet meat loaf sandwich as she regales me with tales of past fun with her girlfriend group. I left lunch with a full tummy and some new laugh lines.

~ The sweetness of my dear friend holding hands with her beau as they share their love story with my hubby and I after dinner. He is a good man. Her heart is home. It is beautiful to see, and we can't wait for the rest of the story to unfold.

~ MM's eyes shine as we slowly fill his heart up with Art. He needs art like he needs air, and its been almost a year since we've visited a museum. His art-starved soul just drank it in big, slurpy gulps all day long. Love seeing my man energized and happy like that.

~ Our friends laughing over lunch as we chat about wine and Weird Al and how they came together in this big world. Good people. Good time to just talk and get to know them.

~ Our little niece's gasp of disbelief when she saw that her birthday gift from us was a trip to the same museum. She's an artist too, and we so look forward to sharing this place with her.

~ The whole family laugh and sing and joke their way through a three-person birthday celebration, complete with Bright Green Cake. Great fun.

~ MM's and his sword masters discuss an upcoming workshop and the rest of us enjoy the little blond baby heads and (mostly) toothless grins and slobber as we bounce sweet twin boys on our knees and chatter with another silly monkey.

~ Breathtaking, unexpected snow-blanketed forests. We'd intended an easy afternoon hike to some water falls, but were surprised instead by snow. Magical.

~ Sipping and snacking in comfy corner as we watch and discuss Star Wars and I knit away at dove grey scarves.

Peace. Rest. Full, nourished souls. Amen.

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