fake friday fave five - "Oh Mighty Isis"

For the real deal, go see the folks at Living to tell the Story. For mine, keep reading:

1 New Years Eve Non-Party ~ For a variety of reasons our original plan for New Years Eve didn't work out, and we ended up staying in. Since we were just hanging out at home (and to give MM a chance to use his brand new 24-qt stock pot) we sent a broadcast invite for folks to stop by on their way to whatever Cool and Classy Event they were headed to and grab a bowl of soup and a tasty beverage.

We actually had a pretty good crowd. Friends stopped in after playing in the snow. Others came by after fireworks. Others came by on their way to a regae concert. Our neighbors popped in while they awaited their own guests. A hodge podge of different people from work, church, college, etc. all laughing and talking up a storm. It was awesome.

Everyone left around 10:30, and MM and I thought we'd ring in the new year alone, but at 11:50 a knock at the door. Three old friends came from another party to raise a glass and toast the new year. It was a cool suprise, and a delight to start a new year with old friends.

2 Girlfriend Christmas ~ For the last 15 years or so, a few dear girlfriends and I have celebrated Christmas together on New Years Day. Stockings, fun breakfast, presents, a fancy meal, games, and the last few years a show. In the past, I'd often stay the night, and sleep by the twinkly tree. A traditional Christmas Day with our Chosen Family, with music, foods, and events that happen each year. We look forward to this every year. So fun!

3 Jammies Day ~ MM and I spent all of Jan 2nd in our jammies. I got a new pair of red, plaid, flannel Christmas Jammies, and saved them for the anual Christmas celebration my girlfriends and I had on the first. But our Christmas involved outside adventures (pedicures! and a theatrical spectacular spectacular!), and I didn't really get enough Jammie Time on the first.

So - in keeping with the trend of the last days of 2010, MM and I spent the bulk of the 2nd at our kitchen table in our jammies, cooking, eating, talking, laughing, crying, praying, dreaming... After a brief bit of cleaning up, we ended the day with real hot chocolate (organic, fair trade, dark, awesome, yum) and (huge) peppermint marshmallows made by a dear friend, and Rio Bravo. (I had never seen it before. Good flick. Ricky Nelsen's hair alone was worth it.)

Perfect, cozy, happy, low-key beginning to the year. Hooray for jammies!

4 Twelfth Night ~ One of our New Years Eve guests brought a hosting gift of fancy fig bread and champagne and told us to make French toast and belini's the next day. Since I was off celebrating Girlfriend Christmas, we saved the treat to share with our house church on the eve of Epiphany. Had a great time catching up and offering a double "toast" to the new year. Yum!

5 The Secrets of Isis ~ I discovered yesterday that Netflix has the old Saturday Morning show on Watch Instantly. I totally remember watching Isis and Shazam! So cheesy! I love how no one thinks its weird that this flying Egyptian superhero just shows up. They all seem to know her. And yet, no one can figure out why Andrea is never around when Isis shows up. I guess it's because Isis looks so different than Andrea. I mean, Andrea wears glasses and her hair is in a ponytail.

I learned yesterday that Isis was actually the first woman superhero on TV, predating Wonder Woman. Also, unlike Shazam/Captain Marvel, the Isis TV character came first, and then DC made a comic to go with it. Through the magic of the Internet, I can relive my childhood and watch all 22 cornball detective/superhero/mystic power shows whenever I want.

Ha! (Although, her little presto chango phrase is better than Wonder Woman's random spinning, it is less cool than yelling "Shazam!")

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