belated post - fake friday fave five - breaking bread!

So, I've written a few half-posts, and not actually posted them. Been busy livin, and not so much posting. Here's what I would have written for last Friday's Fake Friday Fave Five, or whatever the heck I call it.

1 coffee with my friend's lovely and classy mom - As a teenager, I was blessed with amazing friends, most of whom I'm still in touch with today. My amazing friends had great moms, but one in particular struck me as so classy. A picture of the sort of woman that I'd like to be someday. She's kind and fun and supportive and positive. She's beautiful and always dresses simply but with so much polish. She just looks and acts classy at all times. Very elegant. I've admired her my whole life. She's down visiting her daughter, and I got to take her to coffee one afternoon this week. She's in that phase of life where she's taking care of parents and children, and is handling the stress of it all with such grace and good humor. She shared a bit of her story, and gushed a lot over mine. This woman still inspires me, and my two hours with her was definitely a highlight.

2 dinner with good friends - I made a gazillion enchiladas (well, we call them gringoladas, b/c they are in no way "authentic") on Wednesday night and we spend a few hours with a sweet family. Dad and Mom and Little One told stories and jokes and made us laugh and just blessed our home with fun. These folks are writers and artists and foodies, and Good People. It was good to sit down to a bottle of wine and good conversation and Little One's antics.

3 lunch with my fabulous in-laws - I just hit the jackpot in the in-law department. I went over for lunch at 11, and came home at 5, stuffed full of a yummy salmon lunch and with cheeks that hurt from smiling so much. These folks have welcomed me with open arms and do so much to make sure I feel loved and special. It was a great day!

4 coffee with my bff - A whole morning of talktalkltalktalktalking. Awesome! We sat by the fire at Panera Bread and discussed all the important stuff like shoes, crass movies, marriage, church, career/life changes, and how her husbands homemade Double Chocolate Stout pairs really well with Oatmeal Scotchies. It was good for my soul. Very good. We got our next coffee date scheduled right then. Yay!

5 dinner with my husband's bff - MM's best man and his wife joined us for dinner on Friday. It was another evening of simple food, good wine, and fun conversation. These two were Rock Stars at our wedding - totally running the show with so much grace and good humor that for weeks afterward everyone kept asking us, "Who were those guys?" Did our hearts good to spend an evening with just the two of them, dreaming up a few adventures for this year (snowshoeing, camping, etc.)

A good week. I'm stuffed, both my tummy and my heart.


  1. Duker2:26 PM

    Silly Doodah,

    Just wanted to let you know that your blogging, from last year to now ?!?!?!?!?
    You are a different person. Lighter, Happier, Kinder, More apt to BE OKAY........ with life, others but most importnantly... with your most valuable commodity, YOURSELF.....
    Love you and am oh so doing the Happy Dance that you are evolving into who ALL us others already saw you as.

  2. Thanks, lady. Yes. It's been a very tough road the last 2 1/2 years or so. I even had to shut the blog down for a while, b/c all my posts were so dark. I was depressing myself! LOL. Now is definitely better than Then!


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