tuesdaybook - dishes and twinkle lights

For today I am:

Seeing... A pile of dishes and various sticky somethings on the floor, table, counter - evidence that a whole lot of fun has been happening in the Little House on the Tree-lined Street in Fake New Jersey. But the sun slanting through the windows thrills me even as it lands on things I must clean.

Hearing... The ticking of the kitchen clock and the occasional neighborhood sounds (dogs barking, birds twittering, leaf blowers... (Oh, the leaf blowers! We are in a deluge! The one minor drawback to the Tree-lined Street is the noisy leaf blower brigade this time of year.))

Wearing... Jammies, mommy slippers, fuzzy white bathrobe. Amen.

Tasting... Coffee. I know! I KNOW! (MM, your wife is weak!) And steal cut oats with cinnamon and blueberries. I'm celebrating Tuesday.

Planning... Dinners with people and outings and trips and such that have been floating around must land somewhere on our calendar today. I'll do some preliminary emailing and see what comes of it.

Working... My project ended Friday, so I am doing a bunch of personal/household admin stuff. Lots of paperwork to address, bills to pay, budget spreadsheets to update, etc. Tax season is coming, and I'm a little freaked out after our crazy year of me freelancing and us marrying and combining households. It will be an interesting April. We need a Tax Guy!

Creating... Sewing some pillow cases; working on scarves; downloading photos from the phone and printing some, etc. The big thing I hope to do this afternoon is work on our website designs. :)

Learning... Working on some scales and chords for piano today. And some new CSS tricks for the aforementioned websites.

Reading... We're still working our way through Anne of Green Gables. :) Among other things, I'm reading the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels. (Comics? I don't always know the difference.) Weird. Occasionally funny. Comic nerdiness. We saw the movie for free when it came out, so I'm actually following along pretty well. Its another fun chapter in the cultural exchange between my husband and I. Its been cool to enter each other's worlds of music, movies, books, etc. We have four giant book shelves to work through and a huge Netflix queue. Love getting to know my man this way! :)

Pondering... My future. Heavy. I know, right?

Remembering... Christmases Past. This year I'm still in waiting mode, which is peaceful. I remember many Christmas seasons crammed with activities and to-do lists and projects and stress on top of work deadlines. I'm doing less stuff this year, but enjoying more of what I'm doing. Almost every night MM and I hit Starbucks and then drive around looking at lights. Last night we walked hand in hand through our favorite neighborhood and kissed under a tunnel of orange, red, and pink twinkle lights. Magical. Sooooo much better than burning my fingers with a hot glue gun at 11pm after a 10 hour work day and an evening slogging through the mall. :)

Thankful for... Twinkle light tunnels. The carpet of maple leaves in front of my little house. My fuzzy white robe. Sunlight glancing off the ornaments on our little tree. Our vacuum. Time to write and think and pray.

Off to wash dishes, etc.


  1. Sounds restful, magical, wonderful! You two are in my prayers.

  2. Thank you! And you are in ours. :)


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