scenes from a weekend

Meant to post this yesterday, but got derailed with a craft project. Sometimes a girl just needs to play with glitter. (Sorry, MM.) So, here it is...


My husband opening the door to me when I got home from my last day of work. He made a hilarious joke (which I can't share with you) that had me howling with laughter before I'd even set my stuff down. Then he wrapped me in his arms and gave me the best hug. Lovely start to the weekend.

Later, the cool, Midtown indie/hipster kids just outside the window from us at the restaurant, telling stories, sharing philosophies, probably talking about bands I've never heard of. MM and I love the vibe and energy of our old stompin' grounds


Examining thrift shop doodads and trinkets and funky whatnots, as the owner chatted and joked with several other patrons. The place was lively and bustling and fun. Beautiful evening gowns for $20. I left with three decorative matchboxes for $1 a piece. Darling!

Three pony-tailed little girls selling apple cider for 50 cents a cup outside their parent's store. "We need money for Christmas presents." I'm a sucker for kids selling stuff off a table, so of course I bought some. Too cute! As I sipped my drink, I watched them, after a brief consultation, give a cup to a homeless guy for free. :)

Holding hands with MM as we talk things out after an afternoon of hurt and misunderstanding. The deep feeling of grace as we make amends and reconnect. We spent the rest of the evening in that grace with mac'n'cheese and Christmas lights and lots of hugs. "We're OK."


A cup of coffee in our friends' warm, sunny sitting room, connecting for the first time in a month, as their little son showed us his Lego creations and pretended to be a kitty that needed to be scratched behind the ears.

Later, at the dinner table, another young friend (9) offering her mother bread "broken for you" and juice "shed for you." One of the loveliest communion moments I've seen. We are so blessed to get to share Advent with this family. To mingle deep questions with laughter and music and tacos...

Still later, snuggling MM as we drift off to sleep, warm and cozy.

So thankful.


  1. you have such a wonderful way with words. a real blessing to read.

  2. Thank you, Serena, for your kind words. I'm glad we "met" on Twitter. I learn a lot from you, so the blessing is mutual. :)

  3. jewellspring8:28 PM

    You continue to bring tears to my eyes as you come alive even more as Mrs. Wright. We are deeply grateful for you both!


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