scenes from a weekend - gifts

Well, this week my excuse is that I sat down to do my morning reading, writing, thinking, praying, etc. and fell asleep. For FIVE HOURS! Yowza! So here are some scenes from our weekend...


The sound of snoring that drifts from our room as my dear friend retreats under homemade quilts and releases her cares for a time. Her five year old son has had five brain surgeries this last month. She is exhausted, but understandably, she can rarely bring herself to leave his side. It was indescribably good to watch her allow herself permission to rest. This is a long road.

Glimpses of the city - an elegant matron in her bright coat and scarf speaking into the speaker of an apartment building; the last of the colored leaves drifting over the streets and swirling around pedestrians; Christmas window displays in tiny shops and grand hotels - as I drove to a much-needed massage. I felt rich!


A long, slow, easy morning with MM, filled with love and endearments and silliness and laughter, and shoulder rubs for both of us. The whole morning felt like grace.

The rumble of over a hundred Tubas blasting out Christmas carols and patriotic songs in a beautiful, old auditorium. My father-in-law got his euphonium on, so we went to cheer him on and soak in the joy that only TubaChristmas can bring. Before I went to my first TubaChristmas years ago, I never would have guessed that those instruments could bring tears to my eyes, but we were all moved several times during the concert.

Purple inland fog through which we glimpse a glorious, firey sunset across the Bay. WowWowWow! Closer to the city, we see that firey sunlight, reflected on the windows of homes and offices built into the coastal hills. Mingled with Christmas lights, the hills look ablaze. WowWowWow!

My handsome husband lit up by the sparkly lights of Union Square. He'd turn and smile at me, and make my heart stop. Every time. Then a bit later, warm hugs all around as good friends joined us for cocktails above the sparkle. We swapped stories behind the Y in Macy's. (Next year, we stay the night!)


The twinkle in my husbands smiley eyes as we snuggle in the early morning light, recounting last Christmas and the early days of our love story. We still marvel at the speed and miraculous of it all. What a year!

The twinkle in my nephew's smiley eyes as he makes poop jokes and shows us how to operate his flashing Mr. Worm toy. Five brain surgeries take a toll, but in this moment he giggled and teased like any other goofy little boy. Even with his head covered in bandages and tubes sticking out everywhere, he sparkles.

The double blessing of another friend's son, alternately sharing deep wisdom and hilarious, rambunctious joking on our third-candle night of Joy. This guy doesn't often comment during our readings, but when he does, its absolutely on the money. And he seriously cracks me (and himself, apparently) up! Joy, indeed.

My husband's hat on the dashboard and the feel of his hand on mine as he thanks God for our lives and our loves and the gift of it all. All of it. Surgeries. Tubas. Cocktails above Union Square. Reduced income. New jobs. Painful backs. Christmas lights...

We are thankful.

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