belated daybook

Happy December! It is beautiful and cold today. Homemade turkey chili (Oh, Thanksgiving dinner how we have loved you this past week.) and cornbread for dinner. (Although with that menu, I feel as though I ought to call it supper.) I didn't do a daybook yesterday, so here's a belated one. For today I am:

Seeing... Glorious color, still, on the maple tree in the front yard.

Hearing... The air stirring in the heater, the chili bubbling on the stove... and Max out on my porch goofing around with our musical snow globe. (Every day when he gets home from school, he comes to our porch and turns on the tunes. Today he brought his sister over, and they are out there singing along. So cute!)

Wearing... A brown scarf, a fuzzy brown sweater, a read long-sleeved t-shirt, jeans, and brown knee-high socks that my Sweetie got for me at Target. When he comes home, I will bust out a pair of Christmas socks. Sexy.

Tasting... Leftover shepherd's pie and fresh, unfiltered apple juice, a hosting gift from the friends who came to celebrate Advent with us.

Creating... Knitting scarves out of my leftover bits of yarn. Right now, a lovely dove gray.

Working... Finishing up my techwriting contract. Tomorrow its screenshots, and a SME interview. Friday, its compiling and unit testing. And either Friday or Monday its, turn in the files, computer, and key card.

Learning... Dug out my piano books and am attempting to re-start learning the piano. Eventually I will get a teacher, but for now, I'm using books and my friend YouTube.

Reading... MM and I are reading aloud together the Anne of Green Gables series, and it just cracks me up every time he bursts out laughing at something in the story. He's genuinely enjoying the book! :) Fun!

Planning... Nothing really. Taking this week off to rest and wait. Next week we'll start Christmas prep in earnest.

Pondering... Hope. Anticipation.

Remembering... How life (and Christmas) was before MM, and I am still amazed at how rich and deep and full and beautiful he makes everything. I remember sitting and holding hands with him at a Christmas concert last year and marveling at how magical the world felt.

Thankful for... A warm scarf and coat; warm socks and gloves; a warm sweater; a warm bed; a warm home. Many live without these things, and I am mindful that my life is all gift.


  1. jewellspring11:03 PM

    I just <3 you, from head to your knee-socked toes. :)

  2. When you are ready for a piano teacher, I have a recommendation for you. :)

  3. Oh, Jennifer - fantastic! I was actually going to ask you. I'm a crusty ol' grownup, so I may need a special needs teacher, LOL. And you seem to really enjoy your piano experience. Thank you!


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