tuesdaybook - day off!

Its that time, friends. For today I am:

Seeing... Sunlight filtered through dirty window panes and venitian blinds on to our makeshift kitchen table. In front of me sit the small plant, candle, trivet, devotional book and small bible that are always on the table. (I could write a whole post about those items and what they mean to me... another time.) I also have my manicure set (to use my Autumny nail polish!), my Oprah magazine (she looks very peaceful on this cover), and The Queen of Attolia. Porch time, here I come! To the left I've got my bible, my journal, and my notebook. Ready for some thinking, planning, and organizing.

Hearing... The thump of the washer and dryer. The hummmm of the refrigerator. The occasional gurgle and sigh of the coffee pot. I do not hear MM coughing, which is good. Poor guy has been sick since Friday and just needs to sleep!

Wearing... My red "Hot Stuff" socks (a gift from my sister), blue jeans, a chocolate brown sweater layered over my red long-sleeved t-shirt. And I've got my brown plaid hat and my brown scarf ready and waiting for porch time. I feel warm and cozy.

Tasting... Dark, Kona coffee. I know, I know. Its Tuesday, and I'm supposed to drink tea during the week. But, oh, it feels like a celebration today. (No work!) So I'm celebrating with coffee. (Two cups!) And went with what MM calls "vacation coffee." (When we were younger, Kona wasn't everywhere. But anyone who vacationed in Hawaii brought it back, so in his mind Kona = Vacation Coffee.)

Creating... Not sure yet, but I've got vague notions of baking banana bread, and doing some sewing. This season really calls to my creative side, so I can feel the pull, but haven't got a project to focus on yet. Christmas is coming...

Working... Housework, mostly. Still catching up on dishes from the party last week. But I also want to start working on some website redesigns, and think about a couple of writing projects. This upcoming weekend is our writing retreat, so I want to be ready for that.

Pondering... Lately I've been thinking a lot about boundaries. In this new role as Wife, I'm having to renegotiate a lot of lines. How much ownership do we have over each other? Which things can we speak into and in which do we need to let the other just sort of work it out? What things do I have a right to ask of my spouse, and which things do I need to let go.

Boundaries have always been tricky for me, and this is 24/7 boundary work, so I get overwhelmed sometimes. The good news is that each of us loves the other so much that we both long to please and delight each other and neither one wants to hurt the other. That creates a beautiful space in which to figure out boundaries.

Remembering... Autumns past when I was so buried in work I couldn't see straight. Something about this season attracts deadlines. First Quarter projections, I guess. Anyway. I spent so many October/Novembers pulling all-nighters and sucking down coffee to fill in the gaps between adrenaline bursts. And of course two days into Christmas vacation, I'd crash, and be sick for the holidays. May it never be so again!

Planning... Lots of house planning around here lately. We are figuring out systems to keep the bills paid and the chores done and the pantry stocked. We're trying out a new form this month, and MM almost has the budget spreadsheet finished. All of this is so that we can get into a groove and devote our energies to other pursuits - hospitality, travel, writing, etc. But right now, we just gotta figure things out. We're getting there.

Thankful for... My friends. I have an army of friends who have made my life Rich. (Abundance!) All of them interesting, funny, creative, kind, talented, smart, and beautiful. And they have given me much love and fun over the years. I am blessed.

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