pressed down, shaken together

This morning I enjoy the soft sound of Husband Snores coming from the next room as I sit curled up in a fuzzy blanket, sipping coffee and watching colored leaves drift to the ground. Peace. Rest.


Yesterday we hosted both our families for Thanksgiving. The house was once again bursting at the seams with storytelling, laughter, art, and music. (My piano got delivered on Wednesday!)

At the beginning of our party, I took the three little neices into the mudroom to craft some centerpieces for our holiday tables. Each girl got to be the hostess for the table displaying her centerpiece. (Sure beats having to sit at a kid's table. :) And they were darling!) MM and I decided to add the creative snowman centerpiece to our Christmas decore this year.

Throughout the day our Thankful Tree filled up with colored leaves. Each guest wrote something he/she is thankful for on a colored paper leaf, and taped it to the poster of a bare tree that we'd hung on the wall. It was fun to watch the tree fill up and to go read the sweet messages: "My wife!" "My wonderful children." "Happiness is God's Love!" "Our house." "My pet hamster, Angelo." :) I loved walking out this morning to a quiet, post-party living room, and that tree on the wall, declaring gratitude, and echoing the joy of the day before.

The best part was that for hours, every nook and cranny of our little house was filled with people laughing, hugging, and loving on each other. Some people told family stories; others played games; still others played guitar or piano. In general, people celebrated life and love and each other. It was awesome.

Great moments:

~ My mom, upon seeing the maple in our yard, grinning and marveling over how it reminded her of the trees where she grew up (Rhode Island).

~ My sister-in-law, helping in the kitchen, heard the sound of classical guitar, and gasped with delight, "Oh! My honey is playing guitar!" and ran to go listen.

~ My honey waving at me from across the room full of noisy relatives and mouthing, "I love you!"

~ My sister dancing with imaginary castinettes during "The Camel Song" and roping my brother-in-law into an impromptu fox trot. He managed to break free: "You have had way too much pie!"

~ The little girls twirling around in their beautiful new Christmas dresses that Auntie P bought them.


Today we rest. We spend the day in gratitude, quietly this time. We admire the Thankful Tree inside and the maple tree outside. We sip eggnog and eat leftovers and snuggle in our jammies to watch movies. Our cup is full. "Good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over."

So thankful.

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