i don't think i ever posted this...

Its from a while ago. From before MM and I were married, which wasn't really that long ago, but sometimes feels like it with how much has happened in such a short amount of time. Anyway, an old post:


Its been a busy few months. MM and I continue to bond and grow in love and faith and strength as we learn to know one another. This past weekend, bathed in the sunshine and birdsong of a spring afternoon, we finished two of our pre-engagement books. We've been working on them for months, so we feel like this is a big accomplishment.

For such small books, these sure packed a wallop! We've had hundreds of hours of deep discussion on a range of topics: What are your passions? What are your top five fears? What experiences have you had with pornography? How much debt have you encured? How do you like to be treated when you are sick? What are your thoughts on pre-nuptual agreements? Describe the jobs you've had...

This has been an amazing process of discovery, and we are so glad we did this. We feel like this gives us a really good foundation for our relationship. But we're also glad to finish these intense questions. We're looking forward to more sunshine and birdsong. A bit of sabbath rest after all our hard work.

Last night, instead of watching the movie we'd planned on, we lay on my couch watching the moon pass through the patch of sky observable through my window. Beautiful and peaceful, it made me feel calm and at rest. A rare feeling for me.

This is what matters. The moon making its way across the night sky. The one I love in my arms. A stretch of time with nothing to do but BE. Time set aside - sanctified - for rest. Deadlines. To-do lists. Schedules. Emails. All those belong to kronos time. This is kairos. Time infused with meaning and purpose. This moment is about feeling small and loved in this big, ancient world. This magnificent universe filled with moons and stars and quasars. This moment is about wonder and delight in the magic of a moonlit night.

Lovely. Sabbath.

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