fake friday fave five - with furniture and food

Lots of goodness this week. Here are five:

1 Our bed got moved! Oh, I am beside myself. I keep going in there just to look at it! We have a ridiculously ginormous bed and an old house with small rooms and plugs and air vents in weird locations, so arranging furniture is tough. When the store delivered the bed, we told them to set it up against the only wall in the bedroom with no windows. Bad idea. It has been a nightmare to get in and out of and to make. Plus, if either of us drops anything on the side squished up against the wall, we have to go spelunking to retrieve it. Lame.

Also, our bedroom closet is too small do accommodate my usual preference of closet shelves instead of dressers. After a bunch of measuring and calculating and research, I decided that we needed to move the bed, and get two small dressers to use as night stands on either side. Solves the awkward bed problem, the nightstand problem (they don't really make nightstands tall enough for our ridiculously ginormous bed), and the closet problem. Yay!

2 Three work from home days! Normally, I like going in to the office to work. Its good to be around the team, etc., But the office set up for this gig is less than ideal. One giant room. No cubicles, so our desks are jammed together ala The Office. ("It is a fitness orb.") And there isn't a separate room for conferences and meetings. Loud. And it's freezing cold! Gah! I hate being cold! Makes me not want to work. Makes me want to curl up with a blanket and a warm cup of cocoa and a book. That's not conducive to productivity.

So, I worked from home three days this week, and got to be comfy and warm and eat snacks and visit with MM, who also worked from home. He was in the office. I was in the dining room. We could meet in the kitchen for lunch and snacks. It was awesome, and I cranked out a lot of work! Offices of the world take note: cold is the opposite of good.

3 Broadway! Last night was the first show of the new series. A guaranteed monthly date with my dear friend with dinner and a show is, as the commercial says, priceless. We had a yummy dinner and a good, newsy, girlie chat. And the show was good! (We've had some profound disappointments before - Starlight Express.) It blessed my socks off to enjoy good food, good art, and good conversation with my good friend.

4 House Church! Our little house church took a hiatus when MM and I got engaged. We're very small, and there's no way MM and I could go every week with only 11 weeks to plan the wedding and honeymoon and find a house and move. (I still get tired, just thinking about it. We rock, man!) Anyway. We started meeting again in September to figure out what we want to do during this next season. This last week we actually got to do a trial run of our new format, and it was good to just be in those rhythms again. I'm really looking forward to this next year of worship and growth and connection.

5 Enchiladas! MM and I made enchiladas this week for dinner. I hadn't made them in a loooong time. (My last house didn't have an oven.) And MM had never made them. We both lurve enchiladas, so this was tasty and awesome, and fun cuz we did it together. Now, our cooking styles are quite different. MM is some kind of top chef - excited, loud, stressed, experimental, and brilliant. His food is art! (He wants to do Italian/Mexican fusion enchiladas next time.) I am Rachel Ray - chill, cheery, and basic. My food tastes good, but it is basically "dump things in a pan and heat it up." (Not that Rachel Ray is "dump things in a pan", but she's always saying, "I'm a cook, not a chef." That's how I feel.) Bottom line: way fun to cook with my husband. Also, yummo!

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