tango tuesdaybook: workin' 9-5

Seeing... Ugly office furniture and a hazy sky and rooftops through the broken blinds in this fourth story office.

I'm on a short project, and our set up is one giant room with no cubes, but desks shoved up against each other ala The Office. These people actually get work done though, so there will be no Office Olympics with Flonkenschtein. Bummer. I was so ready to bring home the yogurt lid.

Hearing... The tippy tap of fingers on keys. And the soft whir of computer fans.

Usually a guy in the neighboring office plays a weird blend of classic rock and elevator music, but he's out today. I personally have "Our Love Is Here To Stay".

Wearing... Officy clothes. Two things of note: my swirly skirt from my trip to Greece and a cream scarf.

Tonight is our Argentine Tango class. It really changes the movement, etc. to wear high heels and a skirt. Plus, its fun to wear something twirly now and then. And the scarf is to keep me warm in this freezing office! Yeesh! Plus it adds to the romance of my twirly skirt.

Tasting... Steel-cut oatmeal with coconut oil, vanilla, cinamon, and dried cranberries. Yum!

Creating... No official creating today. Today is about productivity and fundamentals.

Working... Topics for a help system.

Pondering... Balance. Rhythm. Values. Priorities. What do we do with "our one wild and precious life?"

Remembering... The lovely, romantic, deliciously autumnal weekend with My Man.

We got to socialize with people a little, which was a blast, but most of the weekend we just hung out with each other. Went on a few driving adventures on Saturday, and spent Sunday sipping coffee, and puttering around the house. Mostly we just held hands and smooched and enjoyed the gorgeous days.

Planning... Our fall/holiday schedule is filling up. I'm trying to balance activity with stillness, and people-time with alone-time. Not easy.

Thankful for... My Man of course - his strength and love carried us this last year. What a doozy! We met, bonded, and married in a little over 13 months. Oy vey!

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